Monmouth County Bayshore

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Bayshore area of Monmouth County (excluding Middletown)

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  • Gsp Entrance From Rt35 Keyport, NJ 07735, USA - Keyport

    Merging from RT 35 to the GSP in Keyport is always dangerous. Traffic is always backed up coming over the "blind" hill and there has been numerous rear end accidents b/c of this. A second lane needs to be added to assist the merge of traffic from Rt 36 and 35 to enter the GSP and Clark Street intersections.

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  • Rt 35 Cliffwood Ave - US Congressional District NJ6

    The area on rt 35 by flexi-lease always floods with bad rain. It is so bad the Old Bridge MUA sit there on standby watching it flood before the block it off.

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  • Clark Street - Keyport

    patches , flooding & uneven road

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  • Bethany Rd & Cresci Blvd - Monmouth County

    The intersection of Bethany Rd and Cresci Blvd is a nightmare and should be controlled by a light. To the right is a blind corner that people speed around and to the left is the parkway overpass that people speed over. It is near impossible to exit the Raritan Valley development during rush hour.

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  • 3473 New Jersey 35 Keyport, NJ 07735, USA - Keyport

    The u-turn to make the transition from Hwy 35 South to Hwy 35 North in Keyport is in terrible condition. It has needed repaving for over 5 years and these last storms have been too much for what pavement is left.

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  • Rt 36 E. And Laurel Ave. West Keansburg - Middletown

    There has been frequent flooding of the Laurel ave jughandle off Rt.36 East. Has become an issue only within the last year.

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  • 64 Seabreeze Way keansburg, nj - Keansburg

    calling the borough constantly and getting rude responses to this problem.the road her from 64 seabreeze to 70 seabreeze is full of potholes and nobody is addressing the issue.FIX IT BEFORE YOU ARE PAYING FOR MY SUSPENSION REPAIRS!!!

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  • Rte 35 South To Rte 35 North U-Turn In Keyport on the left after Beers St. when heading South on Rte 35 - Keyport

    This U-turn has been in bad shape for years, lately it has become a danger to vehicles. The roadway is so rough and torn up it has damaged cars. It is also hard to accelerate out of the turn for merging onto highway traffic.

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  • 98 Maple Place Keyport - Keyport

    There are 4-5 accidents a year at this intersection. The entire traffic pattern around the Cornucopia Restaurant is badly designed and needs to be addressed.

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  • 7 Division St Keyport - Keyport

    The lower part of Division St near East Front is the worst in town. Needs to be torn up and repaved soon.

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  • 103-147 New Jersey 36 Keansburg, NJ 07734, USA - Middletown

    Nearly the entire stretch of Route 36 south from Keyport through Atlantic Highlands should be repaved. Road surface is worn and in places has ruts that hold water every time it rains which results in hydroplaning.

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  • 105 State Highway 35 Keyport, NJ 07735, USA - Keyport

    The Garden State Parkway Authority needs to give drivers more lead time to get in the left lane on Route 35 N to exit for its Exit 117. Many drivers unfamiliar with the area make sudden lefts from the right lane and nearly cause accidents on a regular basis. GSP signage rarely gives one adequate notice to get in the proper lane to enter the highway.

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