LA DOT West Valley District Office

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The Los Angeles Department of Transportation's West Valley District comprises City Council Districts 3 & 12 and parts of Districts 5 & 6.

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  • 8649 Orion Ave north hills, CA - North Hills

    There is no red curb at the intersection of Orion ave and Milky Way. Its very dangerous pulling making a turn onto Orion from Milky Way. Exact location is 8649 Orion ave in North Hills, 91343.

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  • 18300 Chase St San Fernando Valley, CA 91325, USA - Northridge

    Ever since this area has been repaved, I have noticed many incidences of cars not stopping at this intersection. I have personally came close to getting hit by these cars. I feel that if the "STOP" lettering were re-painted on the street surface, these incidences would be reduced.

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  • 20051 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364-2646 , Los Angeles, CA - Woodland Hills

    Behind the businesses at the stated address there is an illegal homeless camp with at least 20 people set up. The camp (which includes tarps, tents, clothes lines, shopping carts, trash bags, etc) can bee seen when you enter the 101 south at Winnetka. The homeless citizens can be seen daily pan handling on the 101 south exit on Winnetka.

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  • Devonshire St. And Hayvenhurst St. - Granada Hills

    There is a pothole at the intersection of Devonshire and Hayvenhurst. The pothole is on the South side of the intersection. Pothole is almost unavoidable when making a left hand turn from westbound Devonshire to southbound Hayvenhurst.

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  • 6800-6852 Valley Cir Blvd West Hills, CA 91307, USA - US Congressional District CA30

    On Valley Circle just north of Vanowen (outside the soccer/baseball fields), in the left lane heading north there is a significant and sudden dip in the road, like a reverse speedbump, for the car's left tire. I believe this is a hazard and can cause damage to the cars driving past, and could possibly even cause an accident. Please take a look and see if you agree. Thank you so much!

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  • Alley Repair Archived
    23251 Vanowen St. West Hills / Los Angeles, California - West Hills

    The alley behind Vanowen street, between Woodlake and Berquist (directly behind 23251 Vanowen Street, West Hills, CA 91307 has several very large pot holes and uneven surfaces and badly needs repair / resurfacing.

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  • Woodlake Avenue West Hills, CA 91307, USA - West Hills

    Uneven sidewalk that is lifted about 1" for about 1 ft distance. It is located on a hill and the pavement runs parallel to the street. It's located diagonally across the street from West Hills Hospital.

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  • 7110-7122 Woodlake Ave West Hills, CA 91307, USA - West Hills

    The broken concrete here is a tripping hazard

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  • Tree stumps Archived
    7110-7122 Woodlake Ave West Hills, CA 91307, USA - West Hills

    Tree stumps are on the sidewalk

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  • 20916 Abalar Woodland Hills/Los Angeles, CA - Woodland Hills

    The street is broken up, and now there is a deep pothole, approx. 4 inches deep and 10 x 14 inches wide. This presents a danger to vehicles and people (if someone steps in it, they could sprain or break an ankle).

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  • 7150 Helmsdale Cir West Hills, CA 91307, USA - West Hills

    Overgrown plant has completely taken over sidewalk.

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  • 8655 Orion Ave CA 91343, USA - North Hills

    There is an abandoned large mirror on the ground which is now shattered into small pieces and is a real danger to pets and children. Please help remove it before someone hurts themselves. It's in front of 8655 Orion ave, 91343. On the ground in red curb area. Thanks!

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