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Long Wharf Nature Preserve and surrounding natural areas of interest.

Please report any dumping, littering or other environmental destruction.

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  • 3 Long Wharf Dr New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Long Wharf

    Those food trucks on Long Wharf are destroying the beauty of the area. In addition to the trash that both the trucks leave around (overfilled trashbins, overflowing boxes next to the bins, the smell of grease) and the customers (trash all over the ground, on the picnic tables, and sadly on the memorials) are leaving around, it is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. People are double parking in the road, they run out between and in front of cars, and speed around. I have seen rats and the number of seagulls and crows the mess is creating is a health hazard.

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  • Long Warf Drive New Haven, CT - Long Wharf

    When is the storm damaged asphalt walkway along Long Wharf Drive going to be fixed? Needs pepair in about 4 places. It's been damaged now for about 9 months. Any help in expediting this work would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hallock Ave. Sea St., South Water St., Howard Ave. - Long Wharf


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  • 1 Long Wharf Drive New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Long Wharf

    Hurricane debris never picked up is leading to illegal dumping on the sidewalk.

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  • 351 Long Wharf Dr New Haven, CT 00 - Long Wharf

    Large numbers of rats are living underneath the rocks along Long Wharf. They are quite aggressive. Discouraging to people who want to sit on the rocks and enjoy the park.

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  • Hallock Ave...Little League Park - Long Wharf

    Never locked at sundown...people park over there in the dark to do drug deals and other inappropriate behaviors based on the used products found the next day when walking through park - even on the playground equipment

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  • Long Wharf New Haven, CT - Long Wharf

    Long Wharf Park is a mess due to those food trucks. The garbage cans are often overflowing near the trucks as well as in Long Wharf Park. There is garbage all over the street, left on the memorials which is incredibly disrespectful. I have seen rats running around. This is a beautiful area and it is being spoiled.

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  • Long Wharf Visitor Center New Haven, Connecticut - Long Wharf

    The green awning on the visitor center was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. So were the walkways in Long Wharf park. It's been a year and a half...this is what people see of New Haven on their way through on I 95. Any plans to fix this awning and walkways? (The park is also cluttered with litter...but that seems true of the whole city)

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  • Long Wharf Drive New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Long Wharf

    Two white men duck hunting on long wharf from a camouflaged rubber dinghy with decoys. Is it legal to hunt with a shotgun or rifle in city limits or city waters?

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