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  • 20 City Hall Ave Boston, MA 02201, USA - Downtown

    Please consider making this "official" scooter/motorcycle parking. There is plenty of egress for pedestrians. A lot of people already park in this area, but I've had $120 in parking tickets here this summer so I've stopped. It's a perfectly reasonable area for embracing these environmentally responsible commuter vehicles.

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  • 725 E 3rd St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston

    While the snow began to fall at around 4:30pm I found an open spot marked it and went out for 15min.
    Came back and this crappy jetta had thrown my cone-- she said that "she shoveled out the spot week ago" and that I should know it was hers.
    Known rule- YOU ONLY HAVE 48hrs to SAVE A SPOT

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  • 65 N Harvard St Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton

    Every morning at about 9:10am, and possibly again throughout the day, a UPS Delivery Van parks in front of the Harvard Stadium Murr Center Gate and completely blocks the bike lane for an extended period of time. This is an EXTREMELY dangerous causeway, with large trucks routinely traveling at over 30mph. This area also has a high volume of cyclists throughout the day. The UPS driver has no reason to use this spot, as there is an access gate only 500 feet further southwest that would allow him access to the buildings on this compound. Negligence and laziness on the part of the UPS company and the Harvard Parking Authority could lead to severe consequences for some innocent commuters.

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  • 79 N Harvard St Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton

    At the soldiers field rd off-ramp onto N Harvard St/JFK st, the traffic light placements are misleading. Each day during rush hour cars unfamiliar with the intersection are stopping in the middle of the bridge. Other lanes of traffic with a green light are circling around them, driving on the wrong side of the road and it is most dangerous for the frequent foot-traffic and blindspots coming from the other on/off ramps. If the light is intended to stop traffic in the middle of the bridge, then the timing of the other street lights are wrong because inevitably there are always cars sitting on the middle of the bridge while other rows of traffic are stuck trying to navigate around them. Please move the lights or re-time things to work properly. There is a large accident waiting to happen here.

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  • 14 Pond St Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain

    Please shovel my Pale Blue Honda Fit, 2011, parked on Grovenor St., on the left in the Handicapped Parking spot just off Pond St.

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  • 106 Dorchester Street - South Boston

    must stop the double parking in front of PS deli. this goes on all day long as people stop in the middle of the street to get their coffee. they block the right lane to the green arrow to continue on to east broadway. meter maids n police need to do their jobs! this is a huge problem when it takes 10 minutes to get through perkins square.

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  • Back St Boston, MA - Back Bay

    Thank you to six building owners who, after one year of requesting the City of Boston's help and received none (not one penny of our 39% increase in tax dollars!!!), paid out of their pockets to repave portions of this alley. Here again proving that private citizens, not city government, do the right thing with out money. Boston, you should be ashamed of yourselves for taking more money and giving less. Ashamed!

    Poorly repaired and 5 new potholes of similar size and depth riddle this alleyway. 3 FOOT X 1 FOOT pothole on Back Street between Hereford and Mass Ave along with huge depressions from the Boston's oversized garbage trucks bearing down and scarring this alley. It is dangerous condition and has taken dozens of tires, rims, bumpers, bikers and small children. Why is the only stretch of Back Street that has not been repaired and repaved??? Please HELP!!!

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  • 155-165 William T Morrissey Blvd Boston, MA 02125, USA - North Dorchester

    Cars not stopping at the lights here.

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  • Scooter parking Acknowledged
    Ave De Lafayette Boston, MA - Downtown

    Has the issue of sidewalk parking by scooters been addressed? I was assessed a $65 ticket for parking on the sidewalk. While other unlicensed scooters were not assessed, the fact that I have properly licensed my bike encouraged ticketing. While ridership increases, to the great benefit of the city, reasonable parking options are not widely available. Is this topic earnestly under discussion? Are there plans to expand beyond the single area in Back Bay currently serving as the lone beacon of sense regarding this issue? I would like to be able to keep riding, keeping costs down and helping to alleviate traffic. All I ask is that I can park near work with a price tag commiserate with my vehicular impact, and not risk an outrageously priced parking violation. Thank you.

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  • 22 Iffley Road #2 Boston, MA - Roxbury

    I have a baby and am currently sick making it extra hard to figure out how to shovel out my car before I have to go to work monday... Any chance you can help? THANK YOU!!!

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  • 522 Huntington Ave Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park

    I am referring to the whole avenue. Cars are always parked on both sides of the street as the street is very narrow. The street was not made for cars parking. Also Huntington ave is a two way street.

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  • (pothole) Archived
    629 Main St Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown

    many , many potholes in front of Home Depot, connecting road to 93 north- it is terrible - it is not cared for at all, damaged my wheel
    this part of road is not being serviced for years, will someone follow up on this part of road- high traffic area start @ Schrafts all the way to 93 entrance

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