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  • 2979 Main St Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford
    The new traffic lights and crosswalk designations at this intersection have made it very dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles exiting or entering the Little Red School. This intersection was already well known for collisions due to people over shooting and running the lights here, the fact that the new lights have been moved in the WRONG direction have exacerbated an already dangerous problem. The lights are now almost totally unreadable from BOTH driveways at 2979 and 2965 main street (The Little Red School). there have been 2-3 accidents here yearly and I myself was almost hit while walking across main street. In addition the new crosswalk painted designations were routed DIRECTLY into the driveway of 2965 main, supposedly for "wheel chair access"... if a car or worse an SUV is exiting this same driveway onto main street it creates a VERY VERY dangerous situation for an upright pedestrian in that crosswalk, never mind someone in a wheelchair who is 3 feet lower...
    All in all this is a discracefull situation especially considering the local children who come and go on this property six days a week, The LEAST that can be done is to have 2 traffic lights installed on the existing installation facing the two driveways of The Little Red School of Art and Music. This would AT LEAST give the traffic exiting onto main street a chance to do it safely.
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  • 1544-1618 North Ave Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford
    This section of North Ave off of Nichols Ave is the most awful section that has pot holes and patches of sections that have not been tended to.
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  • 353-401 California St Stratford, CT 06615, USA - Stratford
    Huge pothole on corner of California St. at intersection of Barnum Ave. and California St.
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  • 446-496 Barnum Avenue Cutoff Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford
    The light to turn into HomeDepot either needs to be extended for north bound traffic on route 1, or the arrow only turn needs to be removed. The amount of traffic going into HomeDepot on a weekend (and most afternoons) backs up to the point at which it blocks the preceeding intersection.
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  • 305-319 Veterans Blvd Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford
    There is a sidewalk from Main Street to the Bridge
    over Rail Road tracks by Marshalls / Home Depot.
    Across street there are sidewalks for people who
    take the BUS in front of WalMart-Home Depot.
    From the Bridge to Marshall's entrance and beyond
    the is NO sidewalk and POOR LIGHTING.
    - It is a STATE ROAD!
    - Pedestrians and Bike Riders could be hit?
    - McDonald's + Movie Theaters nearby attract teens, who walk / ride bikes and poor who don't
    drive, but depend on BUS.
    This is a FATALITY waiting to Happen!
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  • Access Road - Stratford
    The Access Road between Main and Lordship is a disgrace. It is full of pot holes that get worse each week.
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  • Devon Milford Ct - Milford
    no were for kids to ride dirt bikes so people keep riding them everywhere. kids need to have safe fun not on the street where they could get hit by cars and arrested just for having fun
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  • 205 Park St Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford
    They have been digging up Park St. since before winter. The street is so hard to drive on now. Also cars park on both sides at the end closest to the green. The road is too narrow. It makes it very hard to get by when cars are coming towards you in the other direction.
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  • Patterson Avenue & East Main Street Stratford, CT - Stratford
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  • pot holes Archived
    193-257 Klondike St Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford
    Klondike Street really needs to be fixed. The pot holes are out of control
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  • Exit 30 South Bound Exit Ramp Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike Stratford, CT - Stratford
    There is a huge pothole here at the bottom of the ramp as you turn left just past the stop sign.
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  • 2129 Broadbridge Ave Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford

    On the corner of Broadbridge Ave and Yukon Street, when attempting to pull out of Yukon Street there is a white car for sale, parked on incoming traffic grass area creating a very dangerous Blind Spot / Road & Vehicle Hazard when attempting to turn left/right out of Yukon Street!

    Also, car is facing wrong way of traffic. Police take notice and action please!

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