David Yassky, City Council, District 33

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David Yassky, City Council, District 33

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  • 333 Adams St New York, NY 11201 - Downtown
    Green painted bike lane has extensive damage in front of Marriot hotel driveway. There are also protruding metal access boxes and manhole covers at various point. This is the main west bound bike lane to the Brooklyn Bridge and it is extremely dangerous.
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  • 426-438 Degraw Street New York, New York - Boerum Hill
    Parking conditions on Hoyt St. make it impossible to see oncoming traffic when crossing at Degraw Street. Very dangerous with the speeding and number of children and proximity to the school.
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  • 7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 - Park Slope
    Trucks on 7th Avenue have no respect for residents or their environment, leaving their engines on while drivers deliver goods to nearby restaurants and shops. The trucks cause unnecessary pollution, noise and nuisance. If you're parked, turn your noise-making engine OFF!
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  • 914 Union St New York, NY 11215 - Park Slope

    Traffic gets constantly backed up along Union Street due to the very short street light on Union Street leading into Grand Army Plaza.

    This traffic backup results in excessive honking from drivers who are stuck in the bottleneck. This really disrupts the peace of an otherwise peaceful and quiet neighborhood block

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  • 25 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Boerum Hill
    A few weeks ago I reported that the garbage cans were not being emptied on this block. Then, the sanitation department took away the can I had posted pictures of on this site just after they finally emptied (after almost 2 weeks of overflowing garbage). So, now that there's only one can at the corner of Atlantic and 4th Avenue, it is constantly overflowing and seldomly tended to by sanitation. I took the attached picture earlier today - a Saturday morning. PLEASE COLLECT THE CITY TRASH REGULARLY, SANITATION DEPARTMENT!!! Geez. It's really disgusting. This is a busy corner with food vendors and a train entrance so one measly garbage can that's never emptied is not going to cut it!!!!!
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  • Berry St & N 13th Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 33
    Please fix the Tennis Courts - they are in such bad condition!
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  • 19-23 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Boerum Hill
    The garbage has been overflowing from a garbage can on the northeast corner of 4th Ave and Pacific St for over a week now. There is garbage blowing around and littering the surrounding sidewalk and street.
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  • 59 Douglass St New York, NY 11231 - Boerum Hill
    Construction Fence on the corner of Smith & Douglass (for empty lot @ 59 Douglass St.) blocks half of the sidewalk on both Douglass and Smith st., for about 30 feet. It has been like this for over two years. Often there are nails sticking out and the boards lean outwards over the street. What right does the (nonexistent) Developer have to the sidewalk?
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  • 590 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY - Boerum Hill
    I have filed multiple noise complaints with 311. Every night (except when it rains!) jack hammering begins around 10pm and goes on through the wee hours of the morning. I have to turn on my a/c unit in the bedroom just to muffle the noise. It's difficult to sleep. I live on Pacific St. near 4th Ave. and it seems that this construction project (roads? cable company? no idea) is exempt from the 6pm-7am law prohibiting loud construction. Why? There are many apartment buildings in the area. I had a guest in my apartment leave in the middle of the night to stay in a hotel. This must stop. It's inhumane.
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  • Litter Open
    564-572 Pacific St Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Boerum Hill

    Litter covers the sidewalk at the end of each day at the corners of Pacific St. and 4th Ave.

    I've reported this issue via 311, but the report stated that it was not a problem. There is a serious litter/open garbage problem all along 4th Avenue extending south from Pacific St.

    The business owners along that stretch do not clean up the trash either so it ends up blowing around into yards, tree/flower beds, and all over the sidewalk. It's disgusting!

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  • 320 Smith St Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA - Carroll Gardens
    The northern entrance to the downtown Coney-Island bound F/G train always floods when it rains, making a puddle several inches deep that's uncrossable without soaking your shoes.
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  • 102 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope

    This area has white lines painted showing where the bus stops end and it's ok to park. That's great, but as you drive up to an empty space, 80% of the time it's a fire hydrant. There's no way to tell whether it's a parking spot or a fire hydrant until you've driven past the empty space far enough to see the hydrant, holding up traffic for no reason.

    Instead, when the lines are painted, they should be changed in the 15+15 feet exclusion zone around a fire hydrant, so drivers can clearly see whether it's a parking spot or a fire hydrant before we get to it. Maybe change the line to red in that region, or use hash marks, etc. (I am talking about the line on the street, not the curb. The curb paint is useless when it is not visible behind parked cars.)

    This would also help us know if we're legally far enough away from the hydrant or not, fitting in more cars. This area is hard enough to find parking as it is. Cars won't have to slow down as much, reducing pollution from their exhaust and noise pollution from jerks honking behind them.

    (Ideally, this would be done everywhere that parking is scarce, but we'll start here because there are already lines being painted in this area.)

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