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  • 2707 E. Marshall Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill

    The brick sidewalk at the corner of 27th and Marshall is in bad shape. A tree root as tore up most of the walkable part between the bakery and the bike shop. There are approximately five businesses on this corner. Lots of foot traffic in the area. Is it possible it can be repaired?

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  • 807 N 24th Street Richmond, VA - Union Hill
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  • 305 N 26th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    This afternoon, I witnessed Romeo LLC owner William R Jones III putting up improper signage in the alleyway next to the mentioned building that states it's a "private alley" and that "violators will be prosecuted".

    Mr. Jones has been told numerous times by local residents and police that the alleyways adjacent to his property is in fact not private and is a public way owned by the City of Richmond.

    The signage is both harassing to local dog owners and illegal per Sections 38-111 through 38-116 of the city of Richmond among other Code sections.

    Please force the removal of the signs immediately.

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    401-499 North 24th Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill

    Sidewalk is major trip hazard. Saw elderly man fall flat on his face here. Tree is also growing into the road. Might be in need of remove and replace.

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    406 North 24th Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill

    Neighbor altered city sidewalk (painted purple brown) please fix back! Also a trip hazard in this stretch of sidewalk.

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  • 818 N 27th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North

    This property appears to be abandon. The lot is overgrown, weeds are >20inches in height, the sidewalk is obstructed and not safe. People have been seen using elicit drugs on porch and back yard of this property. Yelling loud arguments taking place outside this property are heard on a regular basis. A thorough code enforcement inspection is requested.

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    2400-2402 Jefferson Avenue Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Union Hill

    Graffiti needs to be removed. Recommend getting CAR administrative approval to just paint the whole wall.

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  • 817 North 25th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North

    The alley between 24th and 25th is out of control. Not only is the mud so bad it has run over into everyone's driveway, but the potholes are so big that they can cause damage to a vehicle. Add onto that the pile of abandoned junk (from a vacant house) and you have a catastrophe in people's backyards. I can't even take the kids for a walk out back anymore, and I have to carry them on my toes to the car. Please come save our block!!! The pictures do not do the alley justice... You have to see it to believe it. Help!!!

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  • N. 24th And M Streets richmond, va - Union Hill

    I initially thought this was simply a clogged city storm drain and reported it twice when it flooded...and I know others in the neighborhood have also reported it. So, since the storm drain issue hasn't been addressed over the period of at least a year, I finally figured out this isn't a clogged storm drain but a season swimming pool provided by the city for pedestrians. However, now that winter is nearly here the swimming pool needs to be winterized. The attached photo was taken just a couple of days ago.

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  • 2407 Cedar Street Richmond, VA - Union Hill

    House is covered in all sorts of crazy graffiti. Appears to be political/self inflicted by the resident? Regardless, it's an eyesore. There's all sorts of crap in the windows and on the porch and a sidewalk sign declaring the house "open"...?

    (Perhaps this should read "mentally ill citizen has spray painted own house..." I don't want to step on anyone's right to express their opinions, but this is so not time/place appropriate...)

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  • 320 N 25th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    Per the Code, dogs shouldn't be heard barking outside of kennels. I can hear dogs barking at all hours of the night outside of this one. Pls fix.

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  • 2611-2699 East Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    I submitted this request back on 5/20, and was told the "concern has been received and forwarded to the Department of Public Works (CRS# 20020899201) so that proper inspection and handling can take place accordingly." The issue still exists and has not been resolved.

    Original Issue: The city came and repaired the southern sidewalk on Marshall Street started at 27th street, leading up to the ballast-stone alleyway entrance behind the houses. They stopped at the alley and now it collects an enormous amount of water. We are required to cart our trash cans over that puddle, which is worsening with each rain. Would like get the city to level that alleyway, reset the ballast stone and help the alleyway drain properly.

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