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  • ATVs again! Archived
    101-451 Ashmead Cmns Enfield, CT - polytest

    Had to call the police 2X on Sunday to report 8 ATVs on the CL&P right of way owned by Ashmead Commons. It was around 12:30 or 1 PM.

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  • 132 South Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest

    Has anything been done about this place yet. I was just looking at the delinquient tax and this place is on the hook for $19,243.62. I find it funny that the town still lets them get away with not mowing or taking care of the property and also not paying taxes. I notice they are an out of state owner in NY. Good to see Enfield is being taken advantage of while residents take care and follow the rules and pay their taxes these people get away with having an eyesore and a property value dropping plaza like this.

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  • 410 Enfield St. Enfield, CT - polytest

    Baco's Pizza and Natalia's Alterations have several high output light fixtures on the exterior of their buildings. Currently, there are two utility poles at the front of each property where there are two (one on each pole) 1000 watt high pressure sodium flood lights that are the majority nuisance factors. These flood fixtures are on from dusk to dawn. In addition to the two luminaire flood lights mentioned previously, the facade to Baco's pizza has a minimum of eight unshielded, non-performance type of wall pack fixtures. Baco's buidling mounted lights seem to be on a timeclock and the fixtures switch off by 11:00 PM. Natalia's Alterations also has non-conforming illumination on the facade with a what looks to be a 250-400 high pressure sodium flood light on the back of her building/home. The exterior lights on Natalia's Alterations are on from at least dusk to dawn and sometimes 24 hours.
    The ordinace that I've referenced:
    7.10.6 Outdoor lighting.
    All external illumination shall be directed or shielded in such a manner that the source (bulb, tube, etc.) of light will not be visible from any street or from any adjoining property. No light shall be directed outside the lot where it originates. All lighting shall be shielded or otherwise designed to provide down lighting so as to minimize night glare.

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  • 38 Roosevelt Blvd Enfield, CT - polytest

    Dump truck and another truck with a large boom (up on blocks) in back yard. Boom can be seen from some distance. These items have been parked here often. Often other trucks noted on this property as well

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  • Enfield Enfield, Connecticut - polytest

    The issue was closed two weeks ago noting that a violation was found. Last year this happened and the property was only cleaned once over the year. It looks to be on the same path.

    When will it be followed up on again? The grass has to be over 2 feet tall at this point and the plaza practically looks abandoned in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

    It's disheartening to drive by this every single day.

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  • 11 Saint Thomas Rd Enfield, CT - polytest

    there is an abnormal number of cars at this house on a regular basis (between 6-10 cars/trucks) and this doesn't look to be a single family but i thought this street was zoned only for single family residences. is this being rented to several college students? a tree in the front yard has also been cut to look like a person waving that is scary to young kids.

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  • 101-451 Ashmead Cmns Enfield, CT - polytest

    Had to make 2 noise complaints Sunday about 8-10 riders tearing around the woods

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  • Frankies Plaza Enfield, CT - polytest

    This plaza is a complete mess. The grass is never mowed. The parking lot is a mess full of potholes and debris. It is sad because this could be a nice shopping center if it was taken care of. It needs to be maintained as it is a complete eyesore for the whole town and it brings property value down.

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  • Light Out Archived
    42 Brainard Rd Enfield, CT - polytest

    On corner of Brainard Rd and Fairlane Rd street light is out. This area is residence to several seniors and is a security issue being so dark.

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  • speeding Archived
    Booth Rd Enfield, CT - polytest

    speeding & loud cars & motorcycles, not stopping @ stop sign @ Roy & Booth Rd

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  • 5 Campania Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest

    Large RV parked in front of house.

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  • 41 Sharren Lane Enfield, Connecticut - polytest

    It has come to my attention that this residence has backyard chickens. However, the chicken aren't the problem, the size of the pen is. It seems much too small for the number they have. Also, their American Flag in the front of their house is very damaged.

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