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  • 4827 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill
    INTERSECTION OF FOREST HILL AVE AND WESTOVER HILLS BLVD: Exposed bricks, uneven road surfaces, multiple potholes. Has been reported MULTIPLE times and intersection is still in HORRENDOUS condition. Driving through this intersection is like driving in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!!
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  • 1512 West 45th St Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill

    Three of the last four evenings, I noticed opossum on my lot acting strangely. The adjacent lot at 1512 is overgrown especially in the rear creating potential habitat for opossum, skunks, snakes, rats etc.

    Out of concern that such animals - especially those I've noticed in the last week - might have rabies, the overgrown vegetation and shrubbery needs pruning, downed tree limbs removed, inoperable lawn equipment removed, "weed" trees removed, and the grass maintained at levels appropriate for a residential neighborhood. Other neighbors have asked the owner to keep her property properly maintained with little lasting success. It appears the owner is now only a part-time resident of the property.

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  • 1705 Westover Hills Boulevard Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    citizen is requesting pothole repair for this location, landmark/point of interest---westover hills methodist church; pothole possibly located bet westover hills blvd and king william rd ---pothole is estimated to be 21/2 feet and 6-8 inches deep; he is requesting repair asap; thanks
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  • 4605 Forest Hill Ave Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    in alley: a piece of concrete is reported as dumped illegally in the alley - it needs removal
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  • 4500 Block Devonshire Rd Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    2 vehicles have been sitting on westbound side of 4500 block Devonshire for more than 6 mos: 1 blue Toyota Camry, lic # "I AM EVIL"; 1 white Dodge Ram pickup, lic # XUP 5134. Truck bed is filled with random household discards.
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  • city code Archived
    2002-2004 Southcliff Rd - Forest Hill
    2002 Southcliff has overgrown back yard! 2004 Southcliff does NOT maintain the shrubs on publc rt-of-way. Bushes extend weel past 12"... my car gets scratched & I'm tired of paying to gets shrubs clipped myself
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  • Potholes Archived
    Forest Hill & Prince George Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Forest Hill
    Huge pothole. Keeps getting worse. Dented my rim. Been here for WEEKS. This is a major road!!
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  • 4220 Riverside Drive Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    Potholes are in the alley off of Hillcrest. They require repair once a year typically and are getting to the point of impassibility for cars.
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  • potholes Archived
    Midlothian Turnpike And Westover Hills Blvd Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    Citizen reports that there are potholes on west bound side of midlothian turnpike on the over pass for westover hills blvd.
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  • Corner Of Southcliff Rd And Riverside Dr. Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill
    There is a tree limb down that is partially blocking Riverside Dr. It has also hit the stop sign.
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  • 4608 Devonshire Rd Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    Truck and trailer has been in front of my house for days. Hasn't moved and looks like a trailer with trash in it.
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  • 4550 New Kent Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill
    Yard waste awaiting pick up directly across the street from this property,
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