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these 80s BABIES are being watched ... OAKLAND WILL BE CLEAN AND SAFE AGAIN!, SO WATCH OUT PEOPLES!... it is time for a change, the BETTER WAY, Healthy.!!! Getting these kids smart, safe & healthy inside and out...

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  • Truckload of trash Acknowledged
    1022 89th Avenue Oakland, California - Highland
    Someone unloaded a dump truck sized load of trash in the G street alley next to a residential home on 89th avenue. Cars can't pass through.
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  • Sidewalk camping Acknowledged
    8423 International Blvd Oakland, California - Woodland
    We have been watching a homeless encampment on International Blvd. at 85th Avenue grow larger by the day. Tents have been erected, garbage piles up and prostitution, drinking and drug use are in plain sight. While sitting in our vehicle waiting for the light at the intersection to change, we watched a man bend over & defecate on the sidewalk. We then saw a woman get up and off a man's lap and wipe herself. This "activity" is only two blocks from the Rise Community School with young children passing by daily. The sidewalk camping has been in place for over a month and goes ignored by law enforcement & other city departments.
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  • "G" Street Oakland, California - Highland

    There is piles, and piles of junk trash, garbage all along "G" Street form 92nd Avenue to 85th avenue it is a sight for SORE eyes. Please get it removed as quickly as possible before the rodents and animals come.


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  • "G" Street Oakland, California - Highland
    (7 to 8) Abandoned "RVs and boats align the streets, from 88th Ave
    to 92nd Ave and around the corner onto 92nd Ave in the 900 block,
    making our neighborhood look like a junk yard for used vehicles.
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  • 88th Ave And International Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    On the 88th Ave side of 8740 International, there is an electrical box that people urinate and do drugs behind. It is currently in a very bad state, very smelly, and needs to be cleaned.
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  • 8525 International Boulevard Oakland, California - Highland
    Motel on wheels. This RV houses pimps and prostitutes, and also provides a mobile bedroom for clients. Since these vehicles have been stationary on the corner of 86th and International Blvd, crime has risen. These vehicles are bringing unwanted people into the neighborhood. Please do something
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  • 1145-1199 86th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    1 White Family Van 1 Audi gold in color, 1 white Chevy pick up with trash and 1 green car the guy three other cars and is working on them for over a month now. Also he has attracted other people to park and sleep in their cars next to New-highland Elementry school on 86th and Bst and mothers are complaining that their is motor oil and tool on sidewalk when taking kids to school.
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  • 87th Ave OAKLAND, CA - Webster
    A Pile of junk mattresses stoves & furniture was just dumped on 87th ave & G street between 7:00 pm and 8 pm 1/20/14 from the time I left my house to go to the store and come back.
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  • 8801-8899 G Street Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    trash, mattresses. 88thAve &G street
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  • 89th Ave & G St - Highland
    Large number of mattresses around 89th down from A&B Towing on Ave G
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  • Dumping Archived
    8740 International Blvd Oakland, California - Webster
    Carpet n card board 88th Avenue and International Blvd
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  • 2000 84th Avenue Oakland , California - Castlemont
    Furniture, broken mirrors, large trash bags on curb and sidewalk. On Olive Street near intersection to 84th Ave.
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