Heart of the Richmond with adjoining parks

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  • 1364 Oak St San Francisco, CA 94117 - Haight-Ashbury
    There is always a large puddle on the footpath that goes through the Pandhandle at Lyon Street. It's there even when it hasn't rained for a long time and sometimes covers the entire path. The exact spot is near the light that's just north of the southern path through the Panhandle.
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  • Lake Street And 8th Avenue - Inner Richmond
    This is a heavily trafficked intersection (Lake St & 8th Ave.) of automobiles and pedestrians. It's popular to cross due to it's destination. It provides direct access to the dog park. Everyone, mostly adults with children and/or dogs, struggle to cross this intersection. Daily, it is especially worse during commute hours, cars speed and rarely make the effort to stop or slow down for pedestrians. Please, I/we request 2 additional stop signs to make this a 4-way stop and an easier and safer intersection to cross.
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  • 209 14th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - Inner Richmond
    Garbage, could be homeless camp
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  • 477 599 John F Kennedy Dr San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - US Congressional District CA8

    There needs to be more enforcement of leash laws in Golden Gate Park on Sundays. It is great that the close the streets so that people can ride, skate, walk or whatever through that area, but there are too many off-leash dogs.

    Dogs are unpredictable, have little traffic sense and present a hazard to bikes. Plus many people (particularly children) are uncomfortable around dogs. Too many dog owners think there dog is just "friendly" but then when it knocks someone over or bites someone they say "oh, it has never done that before".

    Leash laws exist for a reason and it is very selfish for people with dogs to endanger others by not obeying them.

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  • 15th And California San Francisco, CA - Inner Richmond
    Cars go very fast, over the speed limit, on California at this intersection. There is no stop sign and no street light. It is highly hazardous to pedestrians and cars trying to cross 15th ave.
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  • Other Archived
    300-370 Park Presidio Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - Inner Richmond
    Trail impassible to pedestrians due to vehicular traffic. Police patrols, park and rec maintenance vehicles, clear channel bus shelter maintenance crews and sfmta traffic camera maintenance crews trafficking the park presidio trail have torn up the trail so much as to make it nearly impassible on foot.
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  • Park Issue Archived
    500-598 14th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - Inner Richmond
    Deranged and drunken fellow screaming from woods, with his four loco cans splayed about him
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  • 178 Funston Ave San Francisco, CA - Inner Richmond
    A LARGE white van belonging to the Church at 15th and Clement (although it says San Bruno Baptist Church on side) is moved from block to block to avoid street sweeping but otherwise abandoned for weeks at a time without being moved. It has just been moved again and will stay where it is for another 2 weeks. If they need to have a van for church, they should find off street parking. Can't they be made to move within 72 hrs?
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  • Other Acknowledged
    501-599 Park Presidio Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - Inner Richmond
    Homeless encampment - same one that was here before.
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  • Other Archived
    1301 Lake Street San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - Inner Richmond
    Homeless encampment and dumping
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  • 1432-1498 Oak St San Francisco, CA 94117, USA - Haight-Ashbury
    Syringe in mud behind bench.
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  • 120-124 Funston Avenue San Francisco, CA - Inner Richmond

    Truck and Camper have been parked in 2-hour zone for over 48 hours across from 120-124 Funston Avenue along park side of street. Valid registration but N-Parking Sticker expired in 2011 and they've tried to obscure that with black spray paint.

    Not noticed by DPT when they ticketed the street this morning for street cleaning. If typical of these camper vehicles, will be there until 2nd Tuesday of month when next street cleaning occurs.

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