Westlake / Harri-Oak

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  • Lighting Acknowledged
    18 Randwick Ave Oakland, California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Lighting is dim along this street and around Glen Echo Park (Oak Glen Park). Many recent muggings in these dimly lit areas.

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  • Park Maintenance Acknowledged
    3504 Richmond Blvd. Oakland, California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Somebody set the trashcans on fire in the park. I have spoken to Giacomo Damonte about this in Parks and Rec. Our neighborhood services coordinator suggested I created a ticket on here as well.

    **The neighborhood would like to obtain one of the more sturdy trashcans that are used in other parts of oakland so that we can have a mosaic on the side of the can. **

    We would rather get on the list to receive one of these sturdier cans than have a substandard replacement.

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  • 394 Adams Street Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Adams Point

    There is a preschool (Broadway Children's School) at 394 Adams Street. Vehicles exiting 580 tend to speed down Adams Street, sometimes at dangerous speeds well in excess of posted residential speed limits. Considering that families with young children use this area frequently during the daytime, a speed cushion or other traffic calming measure is needed to encourage safe, slow driving speeds.

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  • Pearl And Oakland Avenue Oakland, CA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Reported 8/8/2013 Case #474346. Mattresses still at location 8/15/2013

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  • 2807 Harrison Street Oakland, CA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Waste collection bins are left in front yard area constantly. The Garbage bins and recycling containers are stored in front of this multi unit building at all times, but should be removed from front area after collection each week. May be necessary to build enclosure to shield from view.

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  • 2907-2915 Harrison Street Oakland, California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    It appears that they have removed the lamps from some of the electrical poles on Harrison or the new LED lamps are placed too far apart so it is extremely dark and scary on Harrison from Oakland Ave to Pearl and on Oakland Avenue from Harrison to Pearl St. This is already an area that has a serious illegal dumping problem as well as robberies and assaults are common. Please help us feel safe in our neighborhood by adding more street lights. Thank you.

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  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    32 Croxton Avenue Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Furniture dumped in Glen Echo Creek in Oak Glen Park. Two mattresses and a chair in the creek.

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  • 421 Fairmount Avenue Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    abandoned couch on corner of street.

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  • Street Light Archived
    3024 Brook Street Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Light number: 110150692. This lamp gies out intermittently or is very dim. It is in a problem spot and has been reported before. Ideally, neighborhood would like to get this lamp upgraded to an LED lamp with the city's new upgrade push. This has been discussed with OPD staff in our neighborhood watch meetings. Would be great if it could be done!!

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  • 3465 Richmond Boulevard Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    A mound of tires have been placed next to a trash can under the I-580 overcrowding at Glen Echo Creek park since Friday, August 23.

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  • 3030 Broadway Oakland, CA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Enterprise Rent a Car faces Broadway, has a back entrance on Brook Street. The sidewalk is a dangerous pile of rubble. Nearby businesses have offered to repair if Enterprise will pay. They won't. The area is often littered with trash. Enterprise is unresponsive to neighborhood needs.

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  • 3408 Richmond Boulevard Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    two mattresses in creek across from 3408 Richmond blvd.

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