Larry Stuber, Alderman, District 3

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Larry Stuber

District 3

1406 Bacon Park Drive
Savannah, GA 31406
Phone: 354-0357

Notified About

  • 1528-1688 E 52nd St Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah

    Bike Path that begins behind homes on 51st and 52nd and Bee Road and horseshoes around to Daffin Park is full of crime and danger. The bike path is heavily wooded and lines the Truman Parkway. There is graffiti on residential fences, drug paraphernalia, night time loitering and criminals constantly seeking refuge from police on this path. What was to serve as community recreation has turned into constant danger and threat to homeowners and neighbors of Parkside.

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  • 2100-2198 Sunset Blvd Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah

    If you are trying to turn left or right onto Skidaway from Suntset Blvd, it is almost impossible. Either there needs to be a light added to this intersection or have the light at 52nd hold both traffic on Skidaway and 52 long enough for traffic to turn onto Skidaway.

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  • 1900-1912 Delesseps Ave Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah

    This is a SCHOOL ZONE on school days, and lots of kids are walking to Jenkins, Juliet Gordon Low, and getting on buses to go to other school at and near this intersection. I have watched many cars just blow right by the flashing red stop sign when the bus stops to let my child on & off. People speed right through the yellow flashing School Zone Speed Limit signs like they aren't even there. I have attempted 5 times to get someone to discuss this with me through the Traffic Division of SCMPD, to no avail. Seems they don't return phone calls or listen to their voicemails.

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  • 1711 Capital St Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah

    Pot Holes / Rough Pavement at he intersection of Goebel and Capital Streets - which has worsened since the detour.

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  • Intersection Of Skidaway Road And Shell Road - Savannah

    This is the intersection where school buses and parents come from picking up/dropping off kids from Johnson High School.

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  • 2101-2121 Alaska St Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah

    There is a large pot hole on a short street off of Alaska St between Ohio and Treat Ave. There is not a street sign for the street but the residence have been putting limbs and covering the hole with plywood. This is very dangerous because kids play in this area

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  • defaced sign Archived
    2405 New York Ave Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah

    needs to be replaced

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  • Skidaway & Victory Dr. Savannah, GA - Savannah

    The left turn light onto Victory Dr. heading towards Thunderbolt only allows two cars to turn before it turns yellow.

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  • 1215 E 52nd St - Savannah

    I counted 10 carts on Cedar between 52nd and 53rd. I have called the stores but no one comes out to retrieve the carts.
    Is there anyone that picks these carts up?

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  • Corner Of Tennesse Ave & New Jersey Ave Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah

    dangerous damaged sidewalk. this is a large hole that is covered by plywood on new jersey ave and tennessee ave. right next to a fire hydrant.

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  • 2221 Tennessee Ave 31404 - Savannah

    It is the second light once you enter the alley from Georgia Avenue. The light will be on briefly and then it will go out for an extended period of time. This process goes on all hours of the evening.

    Thank you

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  • Waters Ave. & 63rd St. Savannah, GA - Savannah

    The right red light at Waters & 63rd intersection as you travel from Paulsen is out.

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