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Pine Brook

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  • 326-348 New St Scranton, PA 18509, USA - Scranton
    A large group of kids is always hanging around this neighborhood. Smoking, drinking, coming and going at all hours of the night. Enough is enough! Could be gang related activity. Can the police at least drive by here every once in a while?
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  • 800 Capouse Avenue Scranton PA 18509 - Scranton
    Capouse Ave in Pine Brook is like a war zone. Very scary people, yelling, loitering, drinking. Looks like many homeless people too, perhaps an agency can help them.
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  • Olive Street Near Penn Ave. - Scranton
    Very Bad smell on Olive Street near old Railroad tressle. This site needs to be cleaned out!
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  • 903 Sanderson Ave Scranton, PA 18509, USA - Scranton
    There is an abandoned house on the corner on the entryway to the pinebrook field, it has grass and shrubs 10 feet high with everything boarded up. It looks disgusting to any who traverse that area going to the park or live there.
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  • 1000-1098 Roche Ct Scranton, PA 18509, USA - Scranton
    Drug house in the middle of the alley. It's like a fast-food drive-through all day and night!
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  • 1201capouse - Scranton
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  • 843 Capouse Ave - Scranton
    This bar burned 2/3 years ago. Totally gutted and needs to be torn down. What a mess!!!!!
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  • 322-324 New St Scranton, PA 18509, USA - Scranton
    Sick and tired of calling Mike Wallace and having him do nothing. Sick and tired of going to city hall and getting the run around. Scranton, the only place where a complaint gets written on a postit. Furthermore, why does Scranton not require name tags of identification of its employees?
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  • 839-845 Capouse Ave Scranton, PA 18509, USA - Scranton
    What a disaster this land is!! Every type of trash under the sun has been thrown there!!!!! Help!!!! Pics to follow.
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  • 1150 Capouse Avenue Scranton, PA - Scranton
    pole number 57471 N46430
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  • 825 Capouse Ave Scranton, PA - Scranton
    Title says it all. State police there today. OD last week.
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  • 1038 Capouse Ave - Scranton
    Condemned house is falling down. Half the shingles are off. There is a tree growing throuth the roof in the back. The roof is u shaped as if about to collapse. Garbage and overgrown brush fill the yard. This has to be one of the WORST properties still standing in Scranton.
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