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  • 8201 16th St Nw Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA - Takoma Park

    Even though they have a green light and right of way, drivers going northbound on 16th street through circle risk getting hit by cars approaching on the left, that fail to stop at intersection crossing to get to US29/Colesville Road

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  • 1366 Shepherd Street Northwest Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth

    This dump is located at the mouth of the alley at the southeast corner of shepherd and 14th st nw DC.

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  • 1599 North Portal Dr Nw Washington, DC 20012, USA/8200 16th Street, NW, DC, - Silver Spring

    The North Portal to the District of Columbia, the crossroads between DC, Downtown Silver Spring, MD, and Rock Creek Park is a dangerous place to drive, walk, to cross the street, and ride a bicycle. Poor sight lines, bad landscaping, inaccessible sidewalks (when there are sidewalks), poor traffic controls, confusing and distracting municipal and commercial signage, jurisdictional conflicts between law enforcement/EMS.

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  • 1601 N Portal Dr Nw Washington D.C., DC 20012, USA - Silver Spring

    This is a very confusing circle where accidents occure frequently. Normally traffic in a circle has right of way, but here it is unclear who has right of way and there are accidents frequently.

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  • Corner Of 4th And New Hampshire Nw Washington, DC - Petworth

    Everyday children, seniors, students and neighborhood residents cannot safely cross the street at 4th and New Hamshire Avenue. There is no traffic light to cross at and the cars refuse to not stop at pedestrian crossing lines. THIS IS AN EXTREME ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!

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  • 7001-7023 Blair Rd Nw Washington, DC 20012, USA - Fort Totten-Upper Northeast
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  • 912-948 Upshur St Nw Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth

    upshur and georgia nw light timing is bad

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  • Sherman Circle Park & Grant Circle Park Washington, DC - Petworth

    The grass in both these circle parks is very high. It's almost imposible to go there with kids and the mosquitoes are out of control. Will the city please cut the grass?

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  • 612 Eastern Ave Ne Washington D.C., DC - Takoma Park

    The alley found behind this address is filled with trash and a hill of gravel was dumped at the beginning of the alley. The alley is incomplete and has been that way for years now. Some government workers started on the alley late last year and left one end of the alley unpaved with gravel instead of cement. There is a a small pond at the entrance of the alley which tells me there are probably issues with the pipes as well. I have seen unsuspecting drivers (POLICE) drive into the mess and get stuck....The substance (GRAVEL) dumped there is over a foot high and is a huge SAFETY HAZARD....HELP!

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  • 24th Street Nw Between Pennsylvania Ave And New Hampshire Ave Nw Washington, DC - Petworth

    DAILY, where K Street NW meets 24th Street NW, the traffic going into and out of the city at rush hour block the intersection, preventing those going north/south on 24th from crossing K, making a left onto K going west. Also, the light on s/b 24th Street turns too fast for those of us going n/b on 24th to make a left onto K Street NW.

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  • 1384-1398 Shepherd Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Petworth

    Motor scooter has been abandoned for at least 15 months. It attracts dumping (there is currently some trash on it) and prevents the grass from being cut.

    It is located at the side of 3933 14th St NW, next to Mark's Market.

    There is also a very old U-lock attached to the telephone pole anchoring wire right by the motor bike's rear wheel -- please remove that too since it also gets in the way of cutting the grass.

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  • Street Repair Acknowledged
    1207 Hamilton Street Northwest Washington, DC 20011, USA - Brightwood

    Its a liability for the city to have such a bad patch of road. I tripped and fell on the street getting out of a cab the other day. Just this one block seems to have been forgotten and despite multiple request over the years nothing has been done about it.

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