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  • 145-163 College Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington

    Why is a waffle vendor truck allowed to sit right on the grass and tree roots of City Hall Park behind the Irish pub and almost touching a tree?! This is a public park where we treasure our green space and don't want to see it damaged by a vehicle!

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  • 112-114 North St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington

    Rent a Center no longer even uses dumpsters. They are building a mountain of trash and using their dumpsters as a privacy wall.

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  • 275-289 College Street Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington

    There used to be painted lanes and they have completely vanished.

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  • 86 North Union Street Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington

    All the paint marking the separation between bikes & cars on this street has been worn off by cars driving in the bike lane. Only the bike arrows are visible (barely).

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  • South Willard Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington

    I think it's time solve the Willard Street bicycle problem. Sharrows, better signage, a dedicated bike lane; something needs to happen before someone gets hurt.

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  • Appletree Point Road From Alexis Drive To Murfield Burlington, VT - Burlington

    many potholes along route, also 1st speed bump on Staniford Rd (from North Ave.) appears gouged out,

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  • 156 North Winooski Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington

    This section of the bike lane is very dangerous because there is no icon indicating that it is a Bike Lane. Also the alignment shifts bikers far to the right which creates confusion among drivers and greatly increases the likelihood of a right hook collision in which bikers are hurt or killed. The sloppiness of the paint job indicates that even Public Works employees are confused by this poorly designed intersection. I suggest that the existing markings be removed and that a safe, properly aligned stripe be put in. It is also essential that one or more bike lane signs be included in the design. Otherwise this will continue to be a very dangerous corner.

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  • 279 North Winooski Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington

    This sort of sloppy work should never be tolerated in a city that prioritizes safety. The bike lanes are currently unsafe because of faded striping and inadequate signage. Let's get it right this year or replace the folks who keep getting it wrong.

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  • 66 Hungerford Terrace Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington

    Vandalized and stolen stop sign from Bradley Street and Hungerford Terrace on second floor porch at this property.

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  • Pedestrian crossing Acknowledged
    1 Main Street Essex Junction, VT - Essex Junction

    The five corners lights need to be reprogramed to be pedestrian accommodating. Currently a pedestrian presses the crosswalk button and waits, like a vehicle, for the lights to make the cycle around the five corners then all five lights allow the walker to go but just long enough to get across one section. It seems to be a deterrent to walking downtown. I would think the lights could be reprogrammed to accommodate walkers and still allow steady traffic flow.

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  • 384-388 College Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington

    The bike lane has faded or non existent lines on College St. Specifically between Willard and Williams. Also the curb has completely disintegrated along here making it dangerous for bikes. Please replace curb.

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  • 300 Staniford Rd Burlington, VT - Burlington

    The brush at this corner blocks the sight line of car drivers approaching the Island Line trail from Appletree Point. This would be a good time to clean it up. There is also a junky assortment of utility boxes and poles, and a fence that further blocks sightline. It is not safe, and it looks trashy. City please needs to set a good example!

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