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  • Appletree Point Road From Alexis Drive To Murfield Burlington, VT - Burlington

    many potholes along route, also 1st speed bump on Staniford Rd (from North Ave.) appears gouged out,

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  • 109 North Ave. Burlington, VT - Burlington

    The building appears to be getting scraped and painted. There are paint chips and scrapings all over the ground. Lead safe practices do not appear to be being used. Children live in the adjacent buildings.

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  • Berry St At Lakeview Ter Burlington, VT - Burlington

    The property on Berry St at the intersection with Lakeview Ter has untrimmed brush that makes it nearly impossible to use the sidewalk.

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  • 300 Staniford Rd Burlington, VT - Burlington

    The brush at this corner blocks the sight line of car drivers approaching the Island Line trail from Appletree Point. This would be a good time to clean it up. There is also a junky assortment of utility boxes and poles, and a fence that further blocks sightline. It is not safe, and it looks trashy. City please needs to set a good example!

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  • Pedestrian crossing Acknowledged
    1 Main Street Essex Junction, VT - Essex Junction

    The five corners lights need to be reprogramed to be pedestrian accommodating. Currently a pedestrian presses the crosswalk button and waits, like a vehicle, for the lights to make the cycle around the five corners then all five lights allow the walker to go but just long enough to get across one section. It seems to be a deterrent to walking downtown. I would think the lights could be reprogrammed to accommodate walkers and still allow steady traffic flow.

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  • 66 Hungerford Terrace Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington

    Vandalized and stolen stop sign from Bradley Street and Hungerford Terrace on second floor porch at this property.

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  • 89 Buell Street Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington

    Skunk with beer can stuck on head

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  • 178 Main Street Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington

    It is wasteful (both time and energy) to force people to carry and use change. Even more so for the city to continue handling cash when unnecessary

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  • 172-198 Lakeside Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington

    What a horrible intersection. Unfortunately I go through it nearly every day. As a pedestrian I dance to avoid being run down. As a cyclist and automobile I get the chance to park in the left lane. I also have the benefit, while pushed in the left lane, of seeing lots of dangerous maneuvers fun confused drivers pulling in and out of Feldman's Bagels. The greatest thing is this is all right under the nose of the public works building.

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  • 11 Lafountain Burlington, VT - Burlington

    In the yard on the north side, there is a vehicle and structure which previously did not exist. The sheltering plastic looked torn by wind.

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  • 16 S Winooski Ave Burlington, VT - Burlington

    Trash is an ongoing issue along the fence and in the front lawn at the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House is leased from the First Congregation Church which makes it a rental property. So, it would be helpful if the property owners are notified.

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  • 8 Pearl Street Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington

    How is ANYTHING about this shack in compliance with code? And the use of the roof as a deck, that was approved??

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