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A watch area for the Fan, Museum District, South of Main/North of the Expressway; Scotts Addition; Carytown; Carver; 23220/23221/23230

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  • 9 N. Mulberry Street/11 N. Mulberry St. Richmond, VA - The Fan

    Two large, overgrown trees are located outside of 9 N. Mulberry St. and 11 N. Mulberry St. These trees have long dead branches that hang over my property and pose a threat during storms. More importantly, the roots of the tree in front of 11 N. Mulberry are causing the sidewalk and front yard to buckle, therefore, causing damage. The trees should be removed or at least trimmed so that the large branches aren't hanging over my home.

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  • Idlewood Avenue And South Boulevard Richmond, Virginia - Carytown

    The intersection of Idlewood Ave & S. Blvd desperately needs a left turn signal. Whether you are heading East or West on Idlewood, the traffic flow comes from 195 in both directions. 10-15 cars will breeze through a green light while those who are yielding and waiting to turn left can miss multiple light cycles. This is dangerous because frustrated drivers often turn left on red and there is a risk that the other cars heading east/west may run the red light as well. The congestion in this area could be alleviated with a left turn signal at the intersection.

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  • 1700 Monument Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan

    Larger signs are needed to make traffic yield at the monument. Cars travel too fast down Monument Ave at this intersection. Two pedestrians were hit and injured yesterday while trying to cross the street. A crossing guard is needed for Orchard House School on Allen Ave.

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  • 3008 Idlewood Ave. Richmond, Virginia - Carytown

    This hole is turning into a lake filled with MOSQUITO'S. It is next to a PLAYGROUND (Grayland Tot Lot). It SMELLS horrible and is HAZARDOUS to drivers. We have reported and called, NOTHING has been done. This happens every year. Each department says someone else owns it. It is a VDOT Residue Land owned by the Commonwealth of VA. All they have to do is bring a big truck of dirt to fill it in...pretty simple.

    Property Records are here..

    Archived SeeClickFix reports here...
    and here...

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  • 2907 Ellwood Ave Richmond, VA - Carytown

    There has been an unsightly, uncovered hottub on the roof of the garage at 2907 Ellwood Ave for multiple years. It holds water and becomes a terrible breeding area for mosquitos during the warmer months.

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  • alley repair Archived
    212 South Belmont Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Carytown

    The alley between South Belmont Avenue and McCloy Street is in need of repair. There are several large potholes.

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  • 303 S Boulevard Richmond, VA - The Fan

    A Linden tree outside 303 S Boulevard has a nearly rotten base and the tree appears as though it is dying. It won't take much of a storm to topple this large tree onto a home or on the Boulevard. The city should dispatch specialists to remove and replace this monster before it causes destruction or hurts somebody.

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  • Potholes Archived
    Grace & Meadow Richmond, VA - The Fan

    Several potholes right in the intersection of Grace & Meadow pothole is major. Please fix. Thank you.

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  • 2900 Monument Avenue Richmond, VA - The Museum District

    On Sunday mornings, churchgoers are permitted to park along the Monument Avenue median on the immediate blocks east and west of the Boulevard. When Monument Ave was repaved 18-24 months ago, the block between Boulevard and Sheppard St. was incorrectly re-striped. Though the street is wide enough to accommodate cars parked along interior and exterior medians as well as all four lanes of traffic, the pavement markings were incorrectly replaced. The problem is that when cars are parked on Sunday mornings, two lanes are forced to merge into one as they approach the Boulevard. I have seen several near-fender benders as a result. The lanes simply need to be re-striped to what they originally were before the recent re-surfacing took place.

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  • 3132 Grayland Ave Richmond, VA - Carytown

    This house has been in bad shape longer than I've been here, but it appears to be worsening. The upstairs windowpanes have now fallen out of their frames, leaving the windows partially open and exposed. Mountains of garbage and abandoned furniture are blocking the entire front yard, porch, and entry and spilling out onto the sidewalk. The situation is has reached a level where it is unignorable--it is clearly hazardous for the resident and for neighboring houses. Please investigate, for the sake of the resident(s) well-being at the very least.

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  • Alley Repair Archived
    2914 Floyd Ave Richmond, VA - The Museum District

    The alley at the 2900 Block of Floyd Avenue is full of large potholes. Has not been re-graveled since 2005/2006. In really bad shape. Several of us homeowners on the block have talked about re-graveling ourselves, since the city is not maintaining the alley.

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  • 3525 Rear Grove Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District

    There is a very large pot hole in my back alley that always retains water. It's probably 10-12 foot long by 3-5 ft wide. It attracts mosquitos in the nicer months and is rough on my car.
    There are also several other potholes headed towards Thompson that need to be addressed as well.

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