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Anti-Blight Program

Effective as of September 30, 2009, the Milford Health Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Anti-Blight Ordinance in the city of Milford. According to this ordinance, the Anti-Blight Enforcement Officer shall determine if a property is blighted, meaning in a state of disrepair or becoming dilapidated. A blighted property is defined as one that meets one or more of ten conditions

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  • 30 Soundview Avenue Milford, CT - Milford

    This structure has been reported to the City Of Milford several times and yet not one thing has been done to remedy the blight! It impacts every home owner on the street because this blight is decreasing the neighboring homes value. I wonder if the City is waiting for a contentious lawsuit before they do anything. Knock this thing-in-lieu-of-a-house down now!

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  • 21 Daniel Street Milford, CT - Milford

    The sidewalk in front of Mustang Sally's is constantly covered in pieces of litter and cigarette butts. The establishment does nothing to curtail this and seems to not tend to the sidewalk. They need to add a receptacle for cigarette butts and/or some sort of garbage disposal AND make an attempt to keep the sidewalk clean. It's no doubt their patrons that are littering. No other downtown Milford establishment has this issue.

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  • 59 Nells Rd Milford, CT - Milford

    The access-way to Cat's Island is overgrown and has become a fire hazard. The City used to take care of it, but that was when an employee of the City of Milford lived beside it, and "knew people." Emails have been sent to the Mayor's office, DPW Wastewater Division, the Sewer Commission (a sewer line runs there as well) and the Fire Department (as it is the only access for them to get to island. All have been ignored. Here is a Google Map with the area highlighted, as well as the lock combo: .

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  • New Haven Ave Milford, CT - Milford

    This whole area suffers from some very ugly town space where there's a desperate need for landscaping. The islands on Old Gate coming to New Haven Ave, and the island on Pond Point coming into New Haven Ave are both completely neglected. It would not cost much for the town to put down some mulch and some low maintenance planters. It just looks completely blighted.

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  • 192 198 High St Milford City (Balance), CT 06460, USA - Milford

    The fenced in Dog park has several areas where small dogs can escape. The dog park fence is currently patched with rotting plywood and in some cases garbage cans are placed up against the fence to keep small dogs from escaping. Please Repair ASAP

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  • Blight Open
    167 Morningside Dr Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford

    House has been boarded up for more than two years!

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