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this happens in many areas that are near bus stops all the time. It is a problem for residemts who need street parking all the time.

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  • Polonia Park Chelsea, MA - Chelsea

    For a few weeks now, the top pieces of the water fountains have been missing. Now, the hose of the water fountain has been broken off. Please fix so people using the park can utilize the fountains on hot days!!

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  • 145 Chestnut Street Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea

    Is it possible to stop Comcast and other vendors from stuffing unwanted flyers and door hangers around the city? This is what happens when we don't want their services, poor choice on their part!

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  • 122 Winnisimmet Street Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea

    I am at my wit's end after stepping in these disgusting piles not once, but TWICE today, on both sides of the street! It's very obvious that somebody feels they're above cleaning after their dog. Can we issue a citizen's arrest if we see someone leaving these unsanitary land mines behind without picking them up? It's obvious they're all from the same dog, and they are literally ALL. OVER. THE SIDEWALKS.

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    Tremont St/Polonia Playground Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea

    There is hardly any grass in this park, it has been like this since last year. The water fountain needs to be repaired

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  • 81 Chestnut Street Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea

    Today I had special visitors to my house. One of the visitors mentioned on how dirty my neighborhood was and questioned if the city did anything to beautify around here.
    So, as soon as my guests left I went out and clean the sidewalks and the streets myself. I had a large janitors broom, my snow shovel and my rolling trash barrel.
    I blame (in large part) the liquor store (Fernandez bros), Dunkin donuts and the city (for lack of trash containers around the city.
    After an hour and a half, my block is fully cleaned just waiting for it to be trashed once again.

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  • 313 Eastern Ave Chelsea, MA - Chelsea

    The traffic light located on everett ave and crescent ave needs to be more time efficient. Inbound traffic from crescent ave (where the school drop-off is) is very congestionated specially during school hours because the red light will stayed on for almost 5 minutes before changing to green. Problem doesn't occur on the other traffic directions.

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  • Tremont Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea

    Excerpt from my email to Jay Ash dated 7/12/2013 that went unanswered.

    Sadly, in the last two years, the park has become an eyesore. Almost half of it is now mostly dirt, which turns into mud during rain/bad weather. The perimeter, which was once meticulously weeded and mulched, is now becoming infested with weeds and hasn’t been mulched in two years. If it weren’t for neighbors with green thumbs, the garden in the middle would probably also be full of weeds. Another neighbor has been known to mow the grass himself when it gets too high because it seems that keeping the grass manicured is no longer a priority. The only thing to have changed recently is the sprinklers are back on..
    I wonder if part of the neglect/lack of upkeep is because many people in the neighborhood have dogs and use the park to walk them - and the City figures that the park will be ruined by the dog traffic. This is an understandable concern, but one that I do not think is merited, as the majority of dog owners using the park live in the neighborhood and care about whether or not it is in good shape. If maintenance is a budgetary issue, I find that disappointing, as I have to believe that waterfront residents are one of the highest paying taxpayer groups in the city.

    I wish I could upload additional pictures.

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  • 6 Hillside Avenue (Attic) Chelsea, MA - Chelsea

    Raccons living there coming in and out of a broken window. People living there don´t care but neighbours are worried and scared.

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  • Park Street Chelsea, MA - Chelsea

    I put a trash bag, in the proper orange Chelsea trash bag, on the curb in front of my apartment for pick up on Monday morn and it's still there at 6:30 pm Monday evening!

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  • 116 Marlborough Street Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea

    The tenants and landlord of 116 Marlborough need to be ticketed. They can't seem to keep their trash in their trash cans. Every week they always have trash all over their property and it's annoying. I want to live in a clean neighborhood, not a third world country. Please address this issue.

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  • 116 Marlborough Street Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea

    These couches have been on the side of the property for four weeks. I've reported the issue and I was told that they were removed. It has been four weeks now and they are still there. Can you find a solution to this issue?

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  • Beacon Street Chelsea, MA - Chelsea

    Every day, evening, and most importantly, night (dusk-1AM)during these beautiful times of the year it is impossible for residents on Beacon Street and surrounding areas to leave windows open without having the intrusive bus commute noises to deal with. Specifically, at the Beacon Street stop the buses are constantly revving their engines from the Beacon Street off-ramp to rush to a complete stop at Beacon Street stop. Then they again will almost always intensely rev the engine to rush to yet another complete stop at the stop sign at the corner of Beacon and Broadway, which is no longer than 30-40 YARDS AWAY! I have read this complaint before and the response points to writing down the bus #'s that excessively speed/stop noisily, but that will not solve the core issue here.

    I would suggest possibly moving the bus stop to a somewhat non-residential type of location right around the corner possibly by the Chelsea Trial Courthouse and 7-Eleven. At least then the stop and go type of noise would be occuring primarily in more of a commercial setting with the same functionality and accessibility that is currently available.

    Please take the time to come up with a well-thought out response and not something unresolving and irrelevant to the situation. Thank you in advance!

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