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this happens in many areas that are near bus stops all the time. It is a problem for residemts who need street parking all the time.

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  • Polonia Park Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    For a few weeks now, the top pieces of the water fountains have been missing. Now, the hose of the water fountain has been broken off. Please fix so people using the park can utilize the fountains on hot days!!
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  • Other Archived
    255 Central Ave Chelsea Massachusetts - Chelsea
    street light is out , pole 24 on 255 Central Avenue Chelsea Massachusetts and the tree need to be trimmed because is blocking the visibility .
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  • 1000-1010 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Was walking around Walgreens and when I went to cross Broadway, the crosswalk button wasn't functioning. Considering that this is a major intersection with traffic from Broadway, Eastern Ave, Central Ave, and Walgreens/Beth Israel Parking Lot, the walk signals should be functioning.
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  • Other Archived
    Tremont St/Polonia Playground Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    There is hardly any grass in this park, it has been like this since last year. The water fountain needs to be repaired
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  • Center lines Archived
    Williams Street At Meridian Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    Center lines were painted on the newly paved Willims St instead of lanes for right turn to East Boston and lane to go straight toward Chelsea St or turn left to Chelsea. It is causing traffic back ups due to people no knowing. Why are these things not planned ahead of time?
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  • Polonia Playground Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea

    In May I called the DPW to inquire about having the parked updated. The DPW reached out saying there was a grant to perform updates to the park "by July first." Construction started just a few days ago, and the entire park has been closed since.

    When asked how long the project would take, contractors on site say 6 weeks.

    This is quite literally the only greenspace available to our neighborhood for dog-walking, and many families and daycares rely on the playground during and after school hours.

    Contractors (two at most on-site at once, which seems ineffective in itself) have been seen on multiple occasions taking long breaks to "chat." Work starts late and ends early, with many intermissions.

    Is it possible that this park is going to be closed for 6 whole weeks in the middle of summer? Our residents cannot live without it that long.

    And if contractors MUST take their time, can't they cordon off their heavy equipment in one corner or one half of the park so that we may use some of it?

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  • Other Archived
    11 Eden Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    For months now, they have been pumping water from their basement to the sidewalk and nothing has been done. It was from the front under the porch, but now from the back since renovations. In the winter, the ice was at least 4" thick. What's going on?
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  • 77 Library St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Bringing building material, drywall into basement. Possible illegal apartment.
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  • 145 Chestnut Street Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Is it possible to stop Comcast and other vendors from stuffing unwanted flyers and door hangers around the city? This is what happens when we don't want their services, poor choice on their part!
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  • Snow Traffic Archived
    54 Carroll Street chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Boston has a great idea by making some streets one way because of the snow. Can we do that here too? We constantly have cars coming over the hill in both directions with no where to pull over. Today we had a fire engine coming up from Crescent and a plow coming from Eastern on to meet in front of my house. The plow had to back all the way back down to Eastern Ave. This is not safe at all. All the surrounding streets are in the same situation.
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  • 39 Winnisimmet St #8 Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Noise has been extremely loud & intrusive- last night from 7pm past 10pm! Today starting at 6am! and again this evening at 6pm.. Can't have a normal conversation, hear music, etc. Massport offers thank- you notes to calls made about the frequency of noise/traffic in the evenings this summer.
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  • 30-58 3rd Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea

    This is not a localized issue, as we all know trash on our streets is a huge problem all over the city. I have a couple of simple solutions that would dramatically help our issue and make me proud to bring friends and relatives to our city:

    Install more trash cans! How can we help without anyplace to put the trash on the street! Many neighborhoods have none at all.

    Hold property owners accountable, which would eventually get passed down to their tenants. Sadly it seems we have repeat offenders that do not do their part in helping to keep our streets clean. Start imposing fines! Many people do not have pride in our city, this should get them motivated.

    Lastly, it's a known fact that the parking enforcement leads the street sweepers, why not take the funds that are collected from those tickets and employ a small group that would follow the sweeper and pick up trash on the sidewalks (both sides!). In such a densely populated city using the street sweeper once every other week isn't cutting it.

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