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  • Se15th & Midwest Blvd Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    Traffic control lights are heavily favoring Norht/South lanes... even when there are no vehicals. Unlike several months ago, these lights are now slow to respond to East/West traffic causing needles delays. WHAT HAPPENED??

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  • 300 Russell Drive Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    When trying to eixt Russell Drive (west bound) onto southbound Felix Place, out-of-control hedge at 300 Russell Drive is blocking view of oncomming traffic that is going north bound on Felix. Must pull out into intersection to see if traffic is comming. Very hazardous situation. Please get someone to trim or remove the hedge.

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  • 6608 Se 5th St - Corner Of Se 5th & Fox Dr Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    The street lights are out on SE 5th Street. Its at the corner of SE 5th & Fox Dr.. There is a sharp corner there with no lights.

    Thank you!

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  • 3001-3053 S Douglas Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73130, USA - Midwest City

    The yellow light is burned out for the northbound outside lane at 29th and Douglas.

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  • 8001-8031 E Reno Ave Midwest City, OK 73110, USA - Midwest City

    Need a shine

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  • 3304 N Idylwild Dr Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    Behind Rolling Oaks Apartments There are two street pole lamps out. The one closest to the shopping center has been out for years. The other one has been out for weeks. They seem to go out right after they are fixed. It makes me wonder if somebody is not shooting them out with a pellet or bb gun.

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  • Sandra Drive PELION, South Carolina - Midwest City

    sandra drive has areas that flood and there is standing water where road crews have cut drainage lines. the drainage lines allow the water to stand in the road way for days. dangerous conditions for cars and the school buses.

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  • E Reno & Woodside Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    The streetlights are not working in the west side parking lot of Regional Park, by the new Fred Quinn Dog Park up to the Joe Barnes provillian. Also light posts # 528,529,& 530 are also out. These lights have been out since the gas pipe was replaced at the creek. Thought maybe the lights would be working when OG&E repaired the lights on Reno Ave. but didn't happen.

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  • Se 15th Midwest to Douglass, Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    The Street lights along SE 15th between Midwest & Douglass Blvds. and along Century Blvd. are out. Also the parking lot for the nature trail.
    The street lights have not been repaired as of 3/9/12. The lights in the parking area for the MWC Nature Trail at 15th & Century Blvd. are still out, too. Safety???

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  • Hudiburg Dr Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    Both southbound greens and the eastbound don't walk are burnt out.

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  • 9410 Peachtree Lane Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    The light outside of 9408 and 9410 Peachtree Ln has been out for the past year and a half.

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  • 10400-10498 Futurity Drive Midwest City, Oklahoma - Midwest City
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