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  • Humphrey St New Haven, CT - SOHU

    We have a beautiful tree canopy on Upper State Street but unfortunately it makes the busy restaurant corridor very dark at night.

    It would be really excellent to have a low level street lighting like other commercial districts in the City.

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  • Park light out Acknowledged
    87 Union Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    The lamp focused into the Union Street Dog Park, mounted on the pole in the park near the service gate is not working. Thanks, United Illuminating!

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  • 87 Union St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Wooster Square

    The new Union St Dog Park will be finished within weeks and safety in the area has become Issue #1. This location will soon to be trafficked by residents from Wooster Square, 360 State, Downtown and beyond but when the sun sets it is VERY DARK. Let's get lights up on the poles across the street so that neighbors are safe and police can identify any dangerous or unlawful activity at night. The sun will set by 5p only 6 weeks after the park opens. Let's get this done!

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  • 263 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven

    It seems that when the changeover to the new traffic signal on the corner of Chapel and James Streets happened, the timing for the light changes was also changed. Now it takes an excessively *long* time for the light to turn green for James Street drivers. This is particularly problematic because there are TWO SCHOOLS on James Street right near this corner so that at drop off and pick up time, traffic-- including school buses and families picking up and dropping off-- becomes extremely backed up on James, well past Saltonstall and in front of the Martinez School.

    This morning, we actually thought the light was broken as we waited, and waited, and waited on James-- the longest we have ever waited in the five years we have worked in this neighborhood.

    Please, please-- is there someone from the City, Transportation, Traffic, & Parking, that can come down to see this corner *in person*? Ever since the work began here last spring with the new electric box, pedestrian cross, etc., this corner is a mess, including serious wheelchair accessibility issues as the pedestrian cross pole was put in the middle of the sidewalk. Thank you.

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  • 87 Union Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    Two light poles were installed in the park, but lights were only placed on one of them, leaving more than half of the park in darkness. Union Street is already very dark, and we are still dealing with people throwing trash and bottles in the park, using it to relieve themselves, and committing acts of vandalism. Park of the chain link fence was ripped out on Sunday night. We need lights mounted on the other pole! (The photo is just for inspiration, it is not really the park, because the park is too, well, DARK to take a picture).

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  • Furman Rd Hamden - Hamden

    Have live on the streeet for almost 20years and it has never been paved. Patched by different utility companies but not paved. One of my neighbors was an original owner oF their house and said the street hadnt been paved since they moved into their home. That was in the 1950's. I do see them repaving streets all around the Furman Rd community. so why not us. the rumor is the north end of Hamden get more beautification than the south end so money is just redirected. Maybe the neighborhood needs to let the city know we deserve more than just a drive by and promise that its on the list.

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  • Corner Prospect St And Highland St New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill

    The metal trash receptacle that was destroyed when a car hit the utility poll at this corner has NOT been replaced in spite of many requests and promises that it would be. Many in this neighborhood need this trash bin to collect dog waste and trash which otherwise litters people's lawns, the sidewalks and gardens. Please replace it immediately.

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  • 227 251 Greene St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square

    House on corner of Greene and Chestnut is in foreclosure. Electricity is ON in the evening & through the night on the third floor.
    Window screen on second floor is thrown on the roof and a wire/cord or rope is hanging out the window. *** Coincidentally there has also been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood, since the lights have been on.

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  • 811 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    11:30 pm 6/23/11 a Silver ford f150 crashed into the retaining wall in front of the Quinnipiac school. The driver got out of the car, falling over drunk then tried to start the truck to drive away. The truck was so damaged it would not start, although he kept trying until the police arrived. 6-10 nieghbors watched in awe as they let the man go home with his friend. No cuffs, no charges?

    A similar event happend 50ft from the same location a few months ago. The driver crashed into a telephone pole and was let go. No cuffs, no charges?

    Is drunk driving legal in New Haven now?

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  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    25 James Street New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven

    Transformer for new traffic signal placed right at bus stop and right near front door of school. Obstructs school bus stops! Sidewalk completely crowded with old and new traffic signal equipment.

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  • 79 Court St New Haven, CT 06511 - Downtown

    The Court St bridge over the railroad tracks has no streetlights, and is very dark and can be treacherous, especially in winter when the road surface and sidewalks ice up. Maybe a light could be affixed to the bridge?

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  • Downtown New Haven, CT, USA - Downtown

    Copied email to Enginnering Dept, not yet answered:

    Dear Sir,

    First, I apologize if yours is not the right department for this issue. I would appreciate it if you would forward it to the appropriate department.

    This morning I was walking my dog on College Ave between Grove and Trumbull, when the dog suddenly cried out in pain and jumped into the street. He would not go back on the sidewalk, and so we crossed the street, but he was unwilling to step on the sidewalk at all, and panted in fear all the way home.

    The exact same thing happened last year on two separate occasions with my previous dog, who died this summer. At that time I suspected a voltage leak into the damp sidewalk and called the power company, but never got a response. The fact that this happened again with a different dog suggests that there is indeed a voltage leak.

    The area of the sidewalk where this happened is on College Ave between Grove and Trumbull, between the 6th and 7th streetlight, on the cemetery side of the street.

    I would appreciate it if you could keep me updated,

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