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  • 500-650 N. Kingsley Dr Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA - Mid Wilshire

    Ice Cream Vendor: Diana’s Ice Cream
    9523 Avalon Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90003. License # 8K66972.

    Truck frequently operates outside of ordinance 176830 which states:

    (c) Hours of Sales. No person shall dispense any item, including food,
    from an ice cream truck on a street during the following hours: From 8:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. during the months of April through October and from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. during the months of November through March.

    It is November and this truck is currently on the street at 7:50pm on 12/10/10

    Driver frequently forgets to stop music while parked to serve ice cream. This is also against noise ordinances. It is not uncommon to hear this truck's music through windows and walls over 1/4 of a mile away for 30 minutes straight.

    Los Angeles Health Department was contacted with apparently no solution rendered.

    I believe they have the right to sell their fatty sugary laden crap to the poor people of this neighborhood, but must we be abused by the aneurysm inducing music because this driver refuses to follow the law?

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  • 1049 S Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA - Westwood
    Along this stretch between Le Conte and Lindbrook are huge potholes in southbound traffic. Bicyclists unfamiliar with the area who leave a wide berth to allow for the door zone could hit these. The rest of us swerve to avoid them, which may aggravate car drivers.
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  • Peatonagedon Archived
    1872 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 - Echo Park
    Glendale is absolutely @#$% on earth; dangerous, ugly, polluted, this is literally where the 2 freeway vomits onto the people of Echo Park. For those who do not drive, adjacent Alvarado street is the only convenient connector to Northeast Los Angeles for the majority of people living in Echo Park, Silver Lake basically everywhere southwest of the 5. There was city talk of removing parts of the freeway and calming traffic but no clue where that has gone beyond ridiculous development talks.
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  • Pasadena Fwy Los Angeles, CA - Highland Park
    Not a pleasant place to drive. How about speed cameras or more enforcement here?
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  • 4548 Ambrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA - Los Feliz
    There is inadequate light at the very dark southwest corner of Ambrose and Rodney, half a block from the busy entrance to the Albertson's grocery parking lot. The high traffic volume makes it a dangerous place to cross the street for both pedestrians and drivers.
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  • 6401 Orange St Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA - Mid City West
    This needs to be made a 4 way stop. There are many accidents here, and many near accidents. Also, people drive to fast on this street.
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  • 3658 Grand View Blvd Los angeles, CA - Mar Vista

    I have been concerned about the placement of a stop sign at Victoria and grand view blvd in mar vista since day one of its installation. Since I'm gardening during the summer months, I am very aware of the danger it creates for drivers and pedestrians alike.
    Going north on grand view is not an issue as it is clearly marked and most drivers actually stop. Going south is the danger. Though there is the warning sign for upcoming stop sign, the placement of the actual street lines is hard to observe from a distance as it is just under the descending hill. Perhaps a middle of the street stop sign would help?
    Something needs to be done. Most drivers either go through it or do rolling stops.
    I would say that one car every 10 minutes slams on brakes , and usually too late, so they just go through it. Some never even see it. This is not a matter of positioning a ticketing police officer. It is really a matter of poor line placement, an unobservable line on the street at a diagonal intersection.

    Yesterday there was a collision at this intersection attributed to the reasons above...
    Please help me solve this problem ASAP.

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  • 3100-3168 Future St Los Angeles, CA 90065, USA - Cypress Park
    Rocks and dirt from vacant lot has fallen down onto the street and has now piled up in several places. It forces traffic going uphill to drive on the wrong side of the road and since there is a blind curve, this is quite dangerous - I experienced an incident the other day.
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  • World Way Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA - Westchester
    The upper deck (departures), just before the light, seem to have a large gap going across the entire bridge. So when you drive up there, you really have to slow down, to like 5 mph. otherwise you hit that separation joint really hard and you can feel it through out your car. This is a major repair, but it needs to be addressed before the deck moves more and someone is going to get stuck or fall through.
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  • Huge potholes Archived
    Tower Grove Drive Beverly Hills, CA - Beverly Glen
    Pavement is really in bad condition on Tower Grove Drive
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  • 607 N. Kingsley Los Angeles, CA - Mid Wilshire
    Another resident of Kingsley Drive has taken it upon themselves to annoy the entire street with the purchase of one rooster that sits on the porch and can be heard from long distances. Animal control has been informed.
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  • 4635 Franklin Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA - Los Feliz
    Sidewalk and driveway so damaged that cars can't use driveway and wheelchairs and strollers can't pass.
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