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  • 88th Ave Duluth, MN 55808, USA - Duluth

    pot holes going into Morgan park on 88th/Arbor ave are so bad. You have to drive less than 5 miles an hour and it's still hard on your car. I thinks it's way whorse then 46th and the other streets listed. The other streets can be avoided by taking another road as for 88th it's the only way in and out of morgan park. The other end of it is just as bad.

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  • 700-740 88th Ave W Duluth, MN 55808, USA - Duluth

    This road is AWFUL!!! 46th Avenue W is NOTHING compared to how bad this road is. I have to take it everyday as one of the only roads into Morgan Park (the other is no better, by the way). I had to buy 4 brand new tires on my vehicle and get an alignment sooner than I should have had to and I really believe this road has a lot to do with why I had to! They NEED TO FIX THIS STREET!!!

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  • 407-599 S 63rd Ave W Duluth, MN 55807, USA - Duluth

    This road is by far the worst road in Duluth. It starts right below Raleigh Street and goes down to the r/r tracks. It looks like the road that time and the city forgot.

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  • 63rd Ave West Duluth, MN - Duluth

    This road was hit in the June flood. All that has been done since then was baracades were put up on both sides where the creek passes under 63rd. This is a major road way for people to get from Cody street to Grand Ave. Now you have to drive all the way down to 59th Ave West to get to Grand. Will this be fixed this year??

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  • 436-580 West Central Entrance Duluth, Minnesota - Duluth

    The existing lights in place do not have a specific turn arrow for turing off of central entrance. As we are all well aware, Central Entrance is one of the most traveled roads in the city. The traffic attempting to turn on to Anderson Rd is always backed up.

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  • 45th Ave East Duluth, MN - Duluth

    This speedway of an avenue boasts of shattered blacktop and hundreds of crew fills in, fast rough traffic from city buses, logging trucks, semis delivering to Mt. Royal, school buses, and other speeding traffic wear the patches right out . You can open a shop selling new exhaust systems on either end, from the sound of the rattling as they go past....or selling the hub caps that come off. Goodness this is an awful stretch!! made worse during the gravel trucks etc that used it constantly while Cooke and Gladstone were fixed, and last summer as Glenwood was worked on. HELP! the racket is like to living near an airport, can't hear conversations in our yard at all as clanking over bumps and pothole vehicles roar past.

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  • 101-199 N 21st Avenue West Duluth, Minnesota - Duluth

    21st west between Superior St. and 3rd St.!
    1 big landmine pocked piece of road! Terrible!

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  • N 63rd Ave West Duluth, sl county, Mn - Duluth

    Why hasnt this rd been fixed---is it because it is not in an affluent area? Its been over a year since the flood happened...whats the excuse?

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  • 1242-1298 W 1st St Duluth, MN 55806, USA - Duluth

    The entire road is filled with potholes from just west of glen place drive until the stop sign.

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  • 21st Ave West Between 1st And 3rd Street Duluth, Minnesota - Duluth

    bumps holes and big cracks all the way up the street! especially by the bus stop on ramp

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  • 4656-4698 Trinity Rd Duluth, MN 55811, USA - Duluth

    Big Potholes in the intersection when you're turning from Trinity Road by Walgreens onto Central Entrance. The potholes are virtually unavoidable as there are at least a half dozen large holes.

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  • N 63rd Ave W Duluth, MN - Duluth

    It could be a great road but the concrete is buckling and makes it dangerous for motorcycles.

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