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  • 153 Inman Ave Warwick, RI - Warwick

    street light is out on pole #14 in front of 153 inman ave

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  • Cedar Swamp Road Warwick, RI - Warwick

    Pole 16 at the end of Cedar Swamp road is out. Was it shut off or did it burn out?

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  • Pothole Archived
    146-156 Parkway Dr Warwick, RI 02886, USA - Warwick

    There is a pot hole right on the corner of Inman Ave and Parkway Dr.

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  • 3240-3268 Rhode Island 117 Warwick, RI 02886, USA - Warwick

    Ever since the construction, that is not happening anymore, the road has just stayed the same. It needs to be paved ASAP. Terrible road, holes and bumps everywhere.

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  • Pocahontas Drive & Algonquin Warwick, RI - Warwick

    In the last week vandals have been spraying city signs with graffiti in this area. They have hit two signs so far and are unlikely to stop. In the last 24 hours they sprayed a sign on Pocahantas and Wauregan as well. A police presence in the late evenings and overnight in this area may deter this in the future.

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  • Street Lights Archived
    229 Strawberry Field Rd Warwick, RI 02886, USA - Warwick

    There are a few street lights out starting at bartlett and heading west on strawberry field rd.

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  • 152 Budlong Ave Warwick, RI 02888, USA - Warwick

    Totally bumpy and not repaved. This covers Budlong from Pettaconsett Ave to Norwood Ave.

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  • Inman Ave everglade, Warwick, RI - Warwick

    all the school busses are using the side streets to go from the lot on strawberry field road to main ave in warwick. this happens all day, empty busses back and forth. issue was brought to the main bus person and i was told they are not cutting through. i am here every day and it is non stop. the busses should take the main roads when there are no kids on them. i would like to see a resolution before there is an accident. thank you

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  • Other Archived
    3830 Post Road Warwick, RI 02886, USA - Warwick

    Lots of pot holes from Post Road at Cowesett Road to Love Lane

    From Love Lane to Red Chimney to Cedar Hill School

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  • 75 Yellowstone Ave Warwick, RI - Warwick

    Pole #4 on Yellowstone Ave has a street light that continually cycles on and off all night.

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  • 12 Cottage Grove Warwick, Rhode Island - Warwick

    No street light in front of 12 and 22 Cottage Grove Ave. Its is very dark at night especially behind ACE hardware. Elderly couple live at one of those locations and it's very dark for them.

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  • Sevilla Ave between Calcott & Florin, Warwick, RI - Warwick

    Several city trees are overhanging homes and require proper trimming. A stump was left in the ground since last year. (Reported to me as I drove through the Ward this afternoon.)

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