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  • 204 Chestnut St Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776, USA - Coram
    An on going problem in the winter with this street.
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  • Gaton Lane And Grace Lane Coram, New York - Coram
    Excessive amount of parked cars in street on both sides and on lawn causing obstruction of view to make any turns. At last count 15 cars. My wife almost got tboned trying to make a turn off our block. He has been ticketed before please bring a fleet of tow trucks to take this trash away. And I will not even mention the back yard
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  • pool Open
    Ross Lane Mount Sinai Brookhaven, NY - Mount Sinai
    Almost every house on Ross Lane in Mount Sinai has a pool and almost all of them have broken fences or easy access to the pool from the street. They have no alarms no locks on the gates most of them have no gates. Small fences, no safety features at all.
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  • Hartwell Dr mt sinai, NY - Mount Sinai
    street light at 2 hartwell dr opposite 3 hartwell has been out for over a year.
    this is the first street light on hartwell on the north side heading west from Chestnut stree
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  • 37 Ross Lane mount sinai, NY - Mount Sinai
    The Street Light in front of 37 Ross Lane Mount Sinai 11766 is broken. It is very dark out!! Please fix it. Thank you
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  • 2 Kentucky Ave brookhaven, NY - Coram
    streer light out needs repair.
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  • 34 Gabon Lane CORAM NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Coram
    STREET LIGHTS ARE OUT ON 34 Gabon Lane, Gabon and Felway Drive intersection, Gabon Lane and Glenmere Lane intersection.
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  • 2 Gaton Ct Coram, New York - Coram
    The street light on the corner of gaton lane and Gaton court is out again it's very dark and we do have a lot of little kids playing outside I worry about them please fix this as soon as you can
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  • 4 Gaton Ct Coram, New York - Coram
    I wish one of the Brookhaven town board members lived on this block. We have had a house on the corner of grace lane and gaton lane look like a freaking junk yard. There are 15 cars on the street and front lawn this is a hazard when you try to make a turn onto grace from gaton lane you can't see past the parked cars until your car is far out into grace lane. My wife almost got t boned twice in the last week. I'm getting tired of the town doing nothing with our request to fix this problem. As I said earlier if a town board member lived here I'm sure this house/mess/danger to all who live here would be taken care of. Also I'm sure it drops the value of our houses. Time to take care of this once and for all please
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  • North Columbia Street And Hallock Ave Port Jefferson Station, New York - Mount Sinai
    There are huge and numerous potholes in the stretch of Columbia Street between Hallock Ave. and the LIRR tracks. It is impossible to go through this heavily traveled section without hitting potholes. I now have to replace a tire and possibly a rim due to traveling here. This should be the highest level priority.
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  • Street lights Archived
    Mount Sinai Coram Road Just North Of Saddle Hill Coram, NY - Mount Sinai
    The light just north of saddle Hill Road on Mount Sinai Coram road is out also the light across from station 3 firehouse near whiskey road on Mount Sinai Coram road is out also
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  • Falmouth Drive Mount Sinai, New York - Mount Sinai
    Multiple streetlights have been out for weeks along Falmouth Drive in Mount Sinai.
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