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  • 1030 Boulevard Se Atlanta, GA - Grant Park

    The worst railroad tracks in Atlanta. The paving is uneven and the grates at the tracks constantly fall in, creating a moat several inches deep spanning the entire road. You can see scrape marks everywhere from cars bottoming out. Neighbors supposedly quit trying to have them fixed due to the battle over who is supposed to maintain the tracks - CoA or the RR track owners? The two times in seven years I've seen them fixed, they were broken again within weeks, and it took years to have them repaired again. We need a PERMANENT fix for this road which sees tens of thousands of cars, trucks and buses across is monthly.

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  • Crosswalk Archived
    121-143 8th Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Atlanta

    Large water leak with dangerous pothole. Reporting this on behalf of 905 Juniper Condo Board.

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  • 1046 Fayetteville Rd Se Atlanta, GA 30316, USA - East Atlanta

    The intersection of Flat Shoals Rd and Fayetteville Road in East Atlanta is badly in need of repair. It is dangerous to turn or cross the intersection, as traffic moves so slowly through here.

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  • 1587 New St Ne Atlanta, GA 30307, USA - Edgewood

    New street is a narrow street that dead ends at fence. On the other side of the fence there is a cul-de-sac. New Street is in violation of the 2003 Fire Code section 503.2.5 because there is no way for a fire truck to turn around on the street. The city needs to use eminent domain to acquire the cul-de-sac.

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  • unpaved road Archived
    Collier Road Atlanta, GA - Oakdale

    Collier Rd. between Howell Mill and Chattahoochee has been torn up for weeks now. The old pavement was removed but they are not re-paving the road. It is currently difficult to drive on and dangerous. We've heard various reports that it might be done by then end of next week or as late as the end of July, but no one has worked on it for weeks now.

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  • Burton Road Nw atlanta, GA - Westhaven

    If driving East on Burton Road or exiting the MARTA station, there is no indicator for drivers to know how to get on I-20 and for which direction. It causes confusion and traffic congestion at rush hour, after baseball games and other events.

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  • 5-41 Harris St Ne Atlanta, GA 30303, USA - Five Points

    The city council utilities committee meeting voted to resurrect the renaming of Harris Street & move it to the full council meeting on Monday, May 16, 2011.

    As was indicated in the uproar by the entire city when the issue appeared months ago, there remains grave concerns about the adverse effect on tourist maps, signage, GPS and geographic information systems.

    It'll cost MARTA $100k to update signs in P'tree Center station -- the cost of a couple of drivers on a bus route that could be going to any of their council districts!

    Please contact all city councilmembers & spread the word! Their contact info, including Facebook profiles, can be found here:

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  • 121 Linden Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA - Downtown

    Sidewalk on north side of Linden Ave. between Courtland and Willow is crumbled. Dangerous to walk in this area due to this condition. Personal injury easily sustained.

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  • 102-130 Pine Street Northeast Atlanta, GA - Downtown

    Sidewalk is busted and is a hazard for pedestrians to trip and fall.

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  • bicycle hazards Acknowledged
    252 Boulevard Dr Se Atlanta, GA 30312 - Cabbagetown

    random placing of black "speed bumps" that a cyclist can not "pick a line" through

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  • 453 501 Plasters Ave Ne Atlanta, GA - Atlanta

    Coming out from Armour Drive toward the interstate, there is a Shell gas station to your right. Right after gas station there used to be two lanes that lead all the way to Monroe Drive, but now there is only one lane due to incorrect yellow line marking on the road. There is a big bottleneck and traffic jam coming out from Armour Drive.

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  • 751 Dekalb Ave Atlanta, GA 30307 - Inman Park

    The Krog Street tunnel has numerous potholes on the right side where cyclists tend to ride, particularly coming up to the light at Dekalb, heading north. The holes need to be filled.

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