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  • Vfw Park On Hurley Street East Cambridge - East Cambridge

    Park is a mess, broken play equipment & set on fire,broken water fountain for years,no gate,missing trees - that were cut down & not replaced,missing chains, missing post tops,broken sprinkler button,ect. And now condoms, needles & drug dealing around the area.

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  • 6 Windsor St Cambridge, MA 02139 - Area Iv

    Huge pothole that has been there for a couple of years and it is just getting bigger. It fills with water and turns to ice in the winter. So dangerous when people are just turning onto that street!

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  • 194 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Cambridgeport

    Ever since Mass Ave was repaved, there has been a perpetual puddle in the bike lane, where it angles over to the curb because Mass Ave south widens to two lanes. The slope of the pavement causes water to pool, and the puddle is bigger than the entire width of the bike lane.

    It lasts several days after it rains, long after the rest of the road is dry.

    Please re-grade this area or install a drain.

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  • Haskell & Pemberton Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge

    There is a small water line pothole with a missing cover. Someone at night running or walking may not see it and get injured.

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  • 154 Gore Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge

    For the past few years, on even mildly rainy days, the crosswalk to cross 7th Street along Gore Street floods with several inches of water, as does the stretch of Gore Street between 6th and 7th Streets (on the south side of Gore Street). Can additional draining provisions be implemented here?

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  • Leaking water Archived
    29 Wood St Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - Neighborhood 9

    Water has been leaking from the street shutoff for several months.

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  • 118-128 Hampshire Street Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Area Iv

    No cover to water pipe access, leaves a large hole in the east bound bike lane.

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  • 100 Pemberton Street Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    The drinking fountain is running constantly in the park

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  • 166 New St Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9

    The water fountain near the entrance to the park is out of order. The buttons, they do nothing!

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  • Memorial Park East Boston Porter St Boston, Massachusetts - Riverside

    Hi, I was walking in the park and there is pole down in between the baseball field and the track, laying in the grass at the end of the field that is near the water spray park. I think there is a second pole in the grass but I haven't been able to walk around the track again to confirm its exact location. This cold be harmful if someone trips and falls. Thanks

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  • Absolute mess Archived
    12 Beech St Cambridge, MA 02140 - North Cambridge

    large scraped off potholes. also a sinkhole form a water?main/hook up on this stretch of road.

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  • 518-598 Technology Square Cambridge, Massachusetts - Area Iv

    The irrigation system next to the substation here is malfunctioning and leaking a lot of water.

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