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  • 1304 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington

    Double parking tickets are cheaper than hydrant tickets, so every person who feels like stopping for a while at Inman just double-parks, blocking one side of the road. Of course, tickets don't get issued, so people feel free to do it all the time.

    Ignoring the safety problems of the reduced visibility and trying to navigate around cars and avoid pedestrians crossing between cars and so on, it causes knock-on traffic problems for the rest of the city.

    During the afternoon and evening, this really slows down traffic, except when a truck unloads across from a double-parked car. Then Beacon St stops when people block intersections, and Hampshire, and Prospect, and Broadway... And so on. I've been stuck in hour-long gridlock in that area.

    Parking is, admittedly, at a premium at Inman square, but can we at least have some enforcement from the police who stop there or drive by, so that it might be a little bit more under control?

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  • 306 Webster Ave Cambridge, MA 02141 - Wellington-Harrington

    Webster Avenue is a heavily trafficked road and has always been very frightening to bike down -- with two-way traffic including the 85 and CT2 bus lines, parallel parking on both sides, and heavy industrial use of the area, you often get cars, buses, bike, and trucks stacking up behind each other because there isn't enough room for everything to get through in both directions at the same time. There shouldn't be parallel parking on both sides of this street, or the street should be one way. Both Cambridge and Somerville should take a look at it.

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  • 980 Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA - West Cambridge

    Heading westbound on Memorial Drive in Cambridge and all of a sudden there are cars parked in the right lane. There are no signs to warn you about this and I see people _all_the_time_ swerving in the left lane at the last second. I am frankly surprised that I haven't seen more accidents there. Either put a sign up to warn the drivers in the right lane, or prohibit parking on that stretch of road.

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  • 1501 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    Cars and delivery vehicles pose a perpetual danger to cyclists and motorists by using the bike lane as a temporary parking space. Not only do bicyclists have to merge into traffic, but vehicles often have to cross the stripe into oncoming traffic to go around the violating vehicle. Hazard lights shouldn't get you out of breaking the law and endangering your neighbors.

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  • Alewife Station Access Road Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    Northbound of two-way (T station side) before one-way to Rte 2/Rte 16:

    Cars constantly use the bike lane here. I'm in the designated car lane every day and I see cars coming down this street or pulling out of the T station parking lot into the bike lane.

    The traffic is always awful here, especially now that there is construction on the one-way section going to the highway. HOWEVER, that is no excuse for cars to use the bike lane. I don't know how this can be fixed, but I really don't want a cyclist getting clipped -- or worse -- at this spot! Maybe some anchored flexible traffic delineators would do the trick?

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  • 108 Broadway Mid Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge

    The stretch of Broadway between Galileo Galilei and 3rd St is a hot spot for cars and taxis parking in the bike lane. Taxis wait in the bike lane when the taxi stand is full, and cars wait to pick up/drop off at the hotels. More enforcement is needed.

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  • Oak St Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Wellington-Harrington

    OAK ST/INMAN SQ---Where does Cambridge resident parking end & Somerville resident parking begin on this street??? Signs indicate resident parking but not which town i.e. City of Somerville or City of Cambridge.

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  • Huron Ave Near Glacken Park - Cambridge

    Whether by double parking, or a poor parking job, cars consistently block the bike lane next to Glacken Park on Huron Ave. The problem is that near the golf course entrance, the shoulder narrows significantly, so a car has to park on the embankment, but most of the time just ends up taking up half the bike lane. Can we start writing some tickets here and/or put some physical barriers to prevent this? There is enough parking on this stretch of road to begrudge residents/visitors two spots.

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  • 801 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141, USA - Wellington-Harrington

    Cars are parking in the bike lane because there is snow along the curb. Remove the snow, ticket/tow the cars, or make it legal to park in the bike lane.

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  • Porter Square Shopping Center 49 White Street, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    A few minutes ago I saw a guy carry another person (who seemed unconscious) over his shoulder through the shares parking lot and put them in his car before driving off. The windows of his car were tinted. I took down the license plate number as he passed. It was 1KH 172 with MA plates.

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  • Intersection Of Green And Hancock Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside

    Driving down Hancock and making the crossing across Green street is often difficult. The streets are narrow and the parking tight which makes the visibility at the crossing blind, particularly if a large vehicle is parked. So when it's at its worst you have to just eek your way into the intersection and hope a car is not coming down Green which itself has no stop sign. This is one spot I've often wished there were a stop sign on Green. There's already a sign post for do not enter signs, so adding stop signs on the opposite sides of the same posts seems straight forward.

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  • 229-249 Huron Avenue Cambridge, MA - West Cambridge

    Giant snow banks here force cars to park obstructing the bike lane. Please ticket violations and clear the snow.

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