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  • Albany Street And Pacific Street Intersection Cambridge, MA - Cambridgeport

    This intersection has a raised brick "crosswalk" but no painted white stripe lines. The result is that cars driving down Albany rarely yield for pedestrians in an area with a large student population.

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  • 1304 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington

    Double parking tickets are cheaper than hydrant tickets, so every person who feels like stopping for a while at Inman just double-parks, blocking one side of the road. Of course, tickets don't get issued, so people feel free to do it all the time.

    Ignoring the safety problems of the reduced visibility and trying to navigate around cars and avoid pedestrians crossing between cars and so on, it causes knock-on traffic problems for the rest of the city.

    During the afternoon and evening, this really slows down traffic, except when a truck unloads across from a double-parked car. Then Beacon St stops when people block intersections, and Hampshire, and Prospect, and Broadway... And so on. I've been stuck in hour-long gridlock in that area.

    Parking is, admittedly, at a premium at Inman square, but can we at least have some enforcement from the police who stop there or drive by, so that it might be a little bit more under control?

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  • 1825-1837 Cambridge Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge

    The bike lane markings are completely worn away in this underpass and some drivers heading toward Broadway drive all the way to the right, as though there are three car lanes. Also, this underpass can be very dangerous for cyclists trying to merge left for Cambridge Street because the motorists drive quite fast. It would improve safety if along with remarking the bike lane, some kind of sign asking drivers to be cautious for bicycles who want to merge left could be added. Thanks in advance!

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  • 306 Webster Ave Cambridge, MA 02141 - Wellington-Harrington

    Webster Avenue is a heavily trafficked road and has always been very frightening to bike down -- with two-way traffic including the 85 and CT2 bus lines, parallel parking on both sides, and heavy industrial use of the area, you often get cars, buses, bike, and trucks stacking up behind each other because there isn't enough room for everything to get through in both directions at the same time. There shouldn't be parallel parking on both sides of this street, or the street should be one way. Both Cambridge and Somerville should take a look at it.

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  • 220-238 Beacon St Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Cambridge

    I live within a block of this stretch of road, and the pavement is such a mess that I am always very afraid I'm going to wipe out on my motorcycle - I have to drive close to the center of the road or in the bike lane to avoid the damaged pavement, which isn't safe.

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  • 104 River St. Cambridge, MA - Cambridgeport

    The right lane inbound to Central Square is littered with potholes and patches that cause a symphony of screaming suspensions from tracker-trailers, dump trucks, and flat beds. Pedestrians, bikers, and residents in this area have to brace themselves while speeding traffic shutters by.

    Calling Public Works and getting a "work order" multiple times apparently does nothing. Does anyone else hear me on this one?

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  • 175 Prospect St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Area Iv

    The potholes on Prospect street are so bad! It is the only north-south street that directly connects Inman Sq to Central Sq. It is appallingly bad. There are so many patches on the road that it is near impossible to bike down it. Also, the lack of a bike lane is ridiculous. Why don't they just have traffic going one way, each way, with bike lanes on the side, rather than a one way going south, and a two lane going north? It doesn't make sense. Repave and paint bike lanes, please.

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  • 305 Brookline St Cambridge, MA 02139 - Cambridgeport

    the entire road is third world

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  • 413-459 Columbia Street Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Wellington-Harrington

    At 8:40 pm on Dec. 18 I was walking my dog on Columbia & witnessed very strong rubber & chemical smoke billowing from the chimney of Columbia Auto Parts, an abandoned storefront. What is going on here, and aren't there EPA regulations against burning these materials?

    Also I see they have already been cited for not shoveling, to no avail.

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  • River St Cambridge, MA - Cambridgeport

    Drivers are continually swerving into the wrong lanes at this intersection because the lane markings are unclear.

    Left lane: Some seem to believe this is a left-turn only lane.

    Middle lane: Some do not bump right when cross Memorial Drive and instead veer into the left lane, possibly because of the "left lane" comment above. Other times, people turn left from the middle lane, cutting off people in the left lane who are continuing straight.

    Right lane: Designated as a right turn only lane, but this is not clear as many drivers continue straight when in this lane.

    There are no signs to help drivers understand which lanes have which rules, nor are there any signs indicating that the road they are approaching is Memorial Drive. This is a junction that many out-of-towners first approach when coming off the Mass Pike and it must be incredibly confusing for them.

    The lane markings can be improved and start further back, perhaps toward the middle of the bridge.

    Some signs need to be added, again perhaps need the middle or even beginning of the bridge, which will be helpful during times of busy traffic.

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  • 312 Binney St Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge

    The new traffic light at the corner of
    Binney and Fulkerson seems to be
    operating on a simple timer cycle,
    with no sensing of whether anyone
    is waiting for the red. So, drivers
    traveling west on Binney with a green
    light often see the light turn red even when no one is waiting on Fulkerson etc. Please add pavement sensors!

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  • Beacon Street from Cambridge right after Inman Sq to Somerville ave... all bad!

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