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  • 52-58 Prospect Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy

    Is it normal in Quincy for hilly residential streets to be plowed with several inches of snow left on the ground?

    The attached photo looks downhill on a two-way street. The tread mark on the left side shows a rear-wheel-drive taxi failed to go uphill after moving aside to let an oncoming car pass. The taxi had to roll back downhill at the end.

    I called DPW but the man who answered the phone wasn't convinced that there was any problem with the plowing. He insisted that someone must have shoveled snow into the road. To me, it looked like the plow wasn't lowered enough when the plow truck came.

    Is this level of "plowedness" normal?

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  • Beale Street At Greenwood Ave. - Quincy

    Watch area for Quincy, Mass.
    This is a busy intersection for walkers going to/from the Wollaston T and seniors who live in the senior housing in the neighborhood. Drivers constantly go through the red light to take a right on red and even left on red when the walk signal is chirping. It is very dangerous for walkers.

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  • Washington St Quincy, MA - Quincy

    There is always a lot of garbage on the ground here, from the corner of Washington St and McGrath Hwy, going Eastbound, and around the corner to Bigelow St. Maybe it would help to have a garbage can on the corner, where the bus stop is, since people are always standing around. (It seems like there is way less litter at the Foster St stop up the hill, which has a garbage can and much more activity/people waiting for the bus.)
    The area on Bigelow St between the corner and past the High Grade Skate Shop is rife with litter and garbage, including household trash and cigarette butts. Does the City ever send workers to clean things like this up? It is absolutely disgusting.
    Also, this area on the corner of Washington/Bigelow always has shopping carts. The number of carts has increased in recent months, and the carts are not always the same (different stores, etc.), so it is an ongoing issue.

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  • no street signs Acknowledged
    Goddard Street quincy, MA - Quincy

    there have been no street signs marking the streets, both on the hill and the flat half. i have called numerous times. waste of my time.

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  • 53 Woodbine St Quincy, MA - Quincy

    At the enterance of the Wollaston T station and the two other intersecting streets there needs to be a stop sign and cross walks. Folks are speeding through there and I have watched several folks almost get hit. Please do something to slow traffic! Put stop signs on all sides.

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  • 21 Weston Ave Quincy, MA - Quincy

    to those of us who want to walk down Weston Ave safely using the sidewalks that border their property. The lack of snow removal forces us to walk in the street which is not safe in the evening. Also they need to remember to clear the sidewalk adjoining both their property and the entrance to Wollaston Child Care. No one can safely walk on that section of sidewalk in its current state of solid ice. Thank you!!

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  • 182 Norfolk Street Wollaston MA 02170 - Quincy

    For the past 12 years there has been a hole in the sidewalk and street outside my house at 182 Norfolk St., Wollaston

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  • 17 Elm St Quincy, MA - Quincy

    This intersection was recently redone, I'm guessing to make it clear who has the right of way (stop sign coming from Elm St toward Hancock St.). However, people are even more confused coming from Mechanic St/Revere Rd because there is a line there but no stop sign, causing some people to stop and make others behind them slam on their brakes. This intersection also makes it incredibly difficult for cars stopped at the Elm St. stop sign to continue straight toward Hancock St. It's a poorly designed intersection with the light at the top of the hill at Hancock St/Quincy Ave and Elm St/School St.

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  • 43-51 Prospect Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy

    There is a thick layer of ice and slush on Prospect Street. Multiple vehicles failed to drive up the hill and had to drive in reverse to get out. Please send plow and salt.

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  • Dangerous Short-Cut Acknowledged
    23 Richard Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy

    At the end of Richard Street, a space between the termination of a chain-link fence and city guard rail, allows passage of pedestrians cutting through from Martensen St to shop in the plaza where the Kam Man is located. I understand it is a short-cut for a number of people, but the path is a dangerous hill prone to washout and erosion and a mis-step could cause injury or worse in the case of a slip, trip or fall. Shopping carts from Kam Man Foods have also been left here on numerous occasions. In addition, pedestrian traffic through Richard St encourages crossing Quincy Ave at a point over the crest of the hill, where a pedestrian was killed, instead of at crosswalks. There doesn't seem to be a category for this particular issue, but something should be done to prevent both the potential for injury and the shopping cart issue. Closing the gap would likely solve both. Either that, or the path needs to be made safer, and a pedestrian crossing light should be installed at the corner of Richard St and Quincy Ave.

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  • 1-11 Marion St Quincy, MA 02170, USA - Quincy

    Potholes of varying depth on Marion Street from Winthrop to Grandview. Many pedestrians use this street to get to the Wollaston train station. Tree roots sticking up through sidewalks make navigating to and from the train station a tricky undertaking.

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  • Potholes Acknowledged
    42 Beale Street Quincy, MA 02170, USA - Quincy

    There is a large pothole in the entrance to the CVS store on Beale Street in Wollaston, on city property. There are also 2 potholes on Beale Street heading east just before the CVS entrance. The potholes have been there for a long time and are in desperate need of attention!!

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