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  • Re-Pavement Archived
    8132-8338 Lawyers Rd Charlotte, NC 28227, USA - Marlwood

    The entire Lawyers Road needs re-paving. From Albemarle Road to I-485. Potholes get fixed then the next storm, they're back to huge holes. Re-pavement needs to be done.

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  • 9107 Lawyers Rd Mint Hill, NC 28227, USA - Mint Hill

    Overhanging limbs make it impossible to see traffic coming down Le-
    banon Rd when exiting the driveway from Walgreens at the corner of
    Lawyers Rd and Lebanon Rd. Unsure if the limbs belong to the drug
    store or Lebanon Rd. Elem. School. Schrubs need cutting severely to
    enable cars exiting the drugstore to pull out without having to creep
    inch by inch out to look for oncoming traffic. Thanks for considering
    this an important community issue.

    Lawyers Rd and Lebanon

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  • 9200 Lawyers Road Charlotte, NC - Mint Hill

    The water has been FLOWING down lawyers road just past the Circle K but at the entry of the Lawyers Station shopping plaza where Dollar General and Pizza Hut are located at 9229 Lawyers Road it is SHOOTING UP LIKE A FOUNTAIN AT THE VERY ENTRANCE OF THE PARKING LOT ENTRANCE ON LAWYERS ROAD ACROSS THE STREET FROM WALGREENS

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  • 7706 Elm Tree Ln Charlotte, NC 28227, USA - Marlwood

    Large 6 wheeled construction truck and large trailer are always parked on lawn evenings & weekends. There are also 2 unregistered cars in drive.

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  • Intersection Of Fowler Farm Rd And Gold Wagon Ln Mint Hill, NC - Mint Hill

    Sign should read Gold Wagon LN, the legal name, instead of Goldwagon LN.

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  • 6349 North Carolina 27 Charlotte, NC 28212, USA - Farm Pond

    Can we have some posted signs in this area that say "No Jay Walking in the Middle of the Road. I can't tell you how many times I see a mom running thru the traffic carrying their baby hoping a car doesn't hit them.
    There are two crosswalks with walking lights on both sides of this area. No one uses the crosswalks.
    Oh, and this would have to be enforced by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police or the signs would mean nothing.

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  • 6700-6798 Albemarle Rd Charlotte, NC 28212, USA - Idlewild Farms

    Turning lane for years has been bad with holes and bad repairs that were done and are now higher than the road, which makes it so bad to drive on. It's not only a danger but has ruined my alignment twice in past year! Please get someone out to fix it, this turning lane is used to get to Albemarle Road Elemrntary & Middle School.

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  • 6348 Wilson Grove Rd Mint Hill, NC 28227, USA - Mint Hill

    Horrible traffic during school hours. Wilson Grove Rd. should be widen from Lawers Rd. to Independence high school.

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  • 11374-11410 Idlewild Road Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Marshbrooke


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  • Lawyers Rd Charlotte, NC 28227, USA - Marlwood

    Lawyers Road, from Albemarle Rd. to Wilson Grove Rd. needs to be fixed. Potholes all over the road. I have had my car aligned more than once. It is ridiculous!

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  • 7222 Lea Wood Ln Charlotte, NC 28227, USA - Marlwood

    4 to 6 unregistered cars in driveway. Some under repair, jacked up. Cars parked on lawn. Looks like a used car lot.

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  • 8825 E W T Harris Blvd Charlotte, NC 28227, USA - Idlewild Farms

    Public yard sale or Flea market sales of goods without permits! On saturday I noticed a LARGE group of individuals selling goods in a closed down nightclub parking lot this location is on E WT Harris Blvd before Albemarle Rd. If we citizens have to have permits to have yard or garage sales WHY IS THE CITY ALLOWING this to continue??? I noticed where they put up those concrete poles in the old theater parking lot that is adjacent to walgreens and next door to the skating ring why has this not yet been done in this nightclub parking lot?? ALSO There is a white truck that hauls a HUGE RED FOOD TRAILER EVERDAY AND HE PARKS IN THIS LOT AND SELLS FOOD!! This has got to stop it is very TRASHY looking and unacceptable this would not go on in North Chlt or heaven forbid BALLANTYNE OR SOUTH Chlt WHY IS IT OK TO HAVE THIS GO ON IN EAST CHLT????? Some of us do care about where we live and this must end immediately!!!!!!! I would like to see this matter handled ASAP!!!

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