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  • 2239 Elm St Napa, CA - Napa

    Several times weekly, Health & Human Services uses industrial 2-stroke motor gas leaf blowers in the early morning, emitting high frequency noise. This is a nuisance and can be heard inside homes and disturbs our work/life. Should also not be allowed to use these pollutants on Spare Air Days.

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  • Freeway Drive Napa, CA - Napa

    The entire length of this road is one giant pot hole. It should be close to small cars.

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  • 2500 Pacific St Napa, CA - Napa

    RV on street. Never moves. 24/7 365

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  • 3400-3416 Solano Ave Napa, CA 94558, USA - Napa

    As you make a right turn from Redwood eastbound onto Soscol, there is an ENORMOUS pothole on the right side of the lane. It's located perfectly in the path of the turn, so that your right-front tire slams into the pothole before you can see it around the corner. Happens literally every time unless you want to swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid it. Needs to be filled or cold-patched, even if temporarily. I feel like my axle is going to break one of these times.

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  • 4039-4099 Bel Aire Plaza Napa, CA 94558, USA - Napa

    Can we please remove the shrubs in the center island of Bel Aire Plaza? The obstruct the view of cars at the stop sign creating a hazard for those turning and continuing through the stop,

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  • 2052 Wilkins Ave Napa, CA - Napa

    Huge pothole around the manhole and near sidewalk in front of 2052 wilkins ave. this has been here a while .

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  • California 29 Napa, CA 94558, USA - Napa

    A bunch of graffiti you can see driving by on Highway 29 heading north on the walls of a business. Right next to the new cell tower they are putting up behind Piners

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  • 1743 Main St Napa, CA 94559, USA - Napa

    The entire section of Main Street between Lincoln Avenue and Pearl is one pot hole after another.

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  • 4104 Pinot Dr Napa, CA 94558, USA - Napa

    They attempted to fix a couple, but the entire stretch from Trower to Vinehill has pot holes.

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  • 1740 Menlo Ave Napa, CA 94558, USA - Napa


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  • 3290-3312 Kensington Circle Napa, CA 94558, USA - Napa

    On Kensington cir when the earthquakes damaged water line was repaired the asphalt patch job is horrendous even at 5 mph it bounces cars real bad needs to be fixed right

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  • 206-220 S Coombs St Napa, CA 94559, USA - Napa

    This pothole is perfectly placed to catch the driver side wheel as the road curves toward the freshly paved roadway along side the new CVS pharmacy. It was there before they repaved, and I was hoping they would fix the pothole when they were working, but no such luck. To avoid it, you have to turn toward the left and it can bee a little scary if cars are parked on the street.

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