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  • This is where you cross Route 34 with no pedestrian crossing signals to guide you. A life or death situation every time. Due to be fixed eventually, but it would be nice if it happened sooner.

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  • College And North Frontage Intersection New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    Cars coming out of Route 34 ramp routinely drive through red lights in the morning hours, despite the green light for cars coming up College and the walk signals at the pedestrian crossing. Cameras or police car to help ticket for such behavior would be extremely helpful!

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  • Blocking the Box Acknowledged
    York Street At South Frontage New Haven, CT - Dwight

    Due to the construction on Route 34, traffic gets backed up along South Frontage Road at York Street. Vehicles try to beat the red light and are stopped in the middle of the intersection (blocking the box) during the pedestrian crossing signals, causing pedestrians to weave around the vehicles to cross the street. Because there are three lanes of traffic stopped and some are trying to get out the intersection, they don't see pedestrians weaving around the adjacent cars as they cross. Some pedestrians try to cross against the light when vehicles are stopped thinking it is safe to cross when it clearly is not (photo attached). These condition are extremely dangerous for anyone who uses this intersection and needs to be addressed immediately.

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  • red light runners Acknowledged
    76 York St New Haven, CT 06511 - Dwight

    Constantly running red lights at intersection of York and No. Frontage.

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  • 100 College St New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    Currently, there is no nighttime lighting on the bridge on College st. that connects the Yale Med campus to the downtown area. Besides the obvious concern for pedestrian safety/lack of visibility at night in an area notorious for aggressive drivers, people beg for money frequently in the area due to the high traffic volume. I am concerned that if nothing is done to properly light the area, there is an increased risk for people getting hit by traffic and/or for confrontations/assaults in a poorly lit area at night. As the days get shorter into winter, hundreds of people who walk that way home from work will be exposed to these increased risks. Construction for the "Downtown Crossing" project is scheduled to continue into 2016. With one of the goals of this project being increasing sustainable commuting practices - who is looking out for these commuters during the construction phase? I hope this issue is resolved proactively before someone gets seriously hurt.

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  • S Frontage Rd New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dwight

    On West side of park between frontage roads.
    Assume that developer has responsibility to city keep trees alive for 1 yr. Lci?

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  • South Frontage Road New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight

    Cars on S. Frontage that go straight through the intersection consistently block the intersection during the all-phase pedestrian crossing during rush hour. This forces peds who want to cross S. Frontage to weave in-between cars, hoping that when the traffic on S. Frontage suddenly starts moving the cars in the intersection will not squash them. I have seen numerous close calls where the driver blocking the intersection/crosswalk starts to drive (during the ped crossing phase) headless of pedestrians trying to cross.

    Can we get some traffic enforcement in this area? There is a usually a cop not 30 feet away who makes sure cars can safely exit the parking garage onto S. Frontage - where is the same concern about pedestrian safety?

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  • 220 S Frontage Rd New Haven, CT - New Haven - Ward 03

    Every Wednesday, I go to the train station a bit before 12noon. When I drive on SOUTH FRONTAGE road, between York and College Street, as I pass the Child Study Center, I come upon many police cars parked ON SOUTH FRONTAGE, both sides of the street. Obviously, they have a regular meeting at the Child Study Center, which is laudable, but it is absolutely an obstacle course as 4 lanes are narrowed to 2 bc of the illegal cops' parking and it is dangerous. I have worked at the medical campus for over 20 years, doing laudable things too and have to come and go multiple times in a day and I know there is little parking. As a student with no money, I used to park many blocks away in the Hill and walk through the streets littered with crack and heroin bags. My car was regularly broken into, the radio ripped from the dash until I stopped replacing it, etc. How I would have loved to just park on SOUTH FRONTAGE Road! I now pay a significant amount to buy a parking space in a Yale-owned garage. Sometimes that means a 10-15 min walk each way from my garage to my meeting place, just for a one hour meeting. I can not just park my car on SOUTH FRONTAGE Road bc I do not want to walk a long distance. It is dangerous to park on SOUTH FRONTAGE, which is why neither my fellow Yale employees nor I can park there. Officers, even if it is a one hour meeting and you are on the job, please find LEGAL and SAFE parking places somewhere. The Air rights garage is directly across from the Child Study Center - this would give officers easy access to their vehicles in case of emergency (the ground level is largely vacant of cars).

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  • 115 College St New Haven, CT 06510 - Town_Green

    need ped. crossing signal

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  • speeders! Archived
    328 South Frontage Rd New Haven, CT 06519 - Dwight

    Traffic heading onto the highway speed everyday, putting cross walkers at risk. Could there be a pedestrian bridge built ?

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  • 20 York And Cedar Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - New Haven - Ward 03

    Why aren't the no smoking signs enforced? Everyone just lights up at this corner and you navigate a sea of smoke to walk thru. I'd hate to be a patietn there with an allergy when employees and visitors just stand there and light up. No police enforcement by NH or Yale. so why bother with the signs

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  • 60 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03

    With the ongoing construction in the area, it's especially important for safety for the pedestrian signals at the intersections of College and South Frontage, and College and North Frontage, to function properly.

    The pedestrian signals at the SW and SE corners of College and South Frontage are broken - their "push to cross" buttons do not work when pressed. This forces many pedestrians to simply run across the intersection while dodging cars. Please fix the "push to cross" buttons.

    The "push to cross" buttons are also broken on all 3 pedestrian signals at the intersection of College and North Frontage (NW, NE, and SE corners). Those 3 signals currently operate "automatically," i.e., allowing pedestrians to cross North Frontage when cars are stopped there, and allowing pedestrians to cross College Street when cars are stopped there. However, even then, the signals are "out of sync": The pedestrian signals turn "red" long before the corresponding traffic light changes color. Please fix the "push to cross" buttons, and/or make it so the pedestrian signals are "in sync" with the traffic lights. Thanks!

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