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  • 500 Allcott St Marshall, MI - Marshall
    Power lines run behind houses here. The city had the trees trimmed a few years back & one tree has died progressively ever since. I think they might have over done it on that tree or something - they removed probably more than half the branches -_-. Anyway - seems completely dead this year and threatens both the power lines and neighbors fence. Any chance the city could just come take it down?
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  • Signs/Signals Archived
    301 Boyer Court Marshall, MI 49068, USA - Marshall
    Many people drive the wrong way on this traffic circle, creating a hazard. If you could put a one way sign facing the Building H parking lot (WNW) it would be greatly appreciated. This is not urgent so if it would be more convenient to put it in the summer schedule that would be okay.
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  • 101-199 High St Marshall Mi 49068 Usa - Marshall
    Now the lid on the Cigarette Receptacle/Smokers Station/Butt Can on the east side of the parking structure is off and the bucket is overflowing which could possibly be considered as a health hazard and blighted area.
    The areas behind the Oaklawn ER on Prospect St where there are also a couple of Cigarette Receptacle/Smokers Station/Butt Cans, are always policed, the lids are never off or overflowing as is and was the case at the parking structure. Might just be time for Oaklawn to inform visitors that smoking is allowed at the Visitor and Employee Patio area in the northwest corner of the rear parking lot.
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  • Riverwalk Marshall, MI - Marshall
    There is no posted keep off signs, but a tree lies over the river walk making it impassable right by a section of path that is falling to the ground. I've reported the damaged walk before and got the run around. Two months or more later and it still hasn't been addressed.
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  • 315 S Kalamazoo Ave Marshall, Michigan - Marshall
    There's a big pothole in the fire dept front apron. Someone could trip and twist their ankle.
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  • Other Archived
    625 Union St Marshall, Michigan - Marshall
    The dog that belongs to 625 Union St is allowed to use the community park as a bathroom every day. The dog is never on a leash and is very confrontational and territorial towards other dogs.
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  • Other Archived
    South Park Avenue Marshall, MI 49068, USA - Marshall
    Broken light at City Hall next to the new Men's restroom door.
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  • Trees Archived
    216 N Sycamore Street Marshall, Michigan - Marshall
    For over 8 years we have complained that the very large tree in front of our house was not safe. We complained to the city manager and to others. Two quick drive-byes by the city (no one actually got out of the truck) and the answer was "as long as it has "green" leaves on it we won't take it down." The tree was never carefully inspected, if so, they would of seen that it was infested with bugs, hollow and posed a real threat to our home. On July 1, we had severe winds, that tree came down on our home, caused thousands of dollars in damage, has left us living in a hotel and totaled two cars. We were lucky to escape with our lives. Now the city refuses to cut down the rest of the tree. It's an eye sore, it's still dangerous and we can't even get a response from Mike Hacksworth, Superintendent of Public Works after multiple calls. I am hoping this can be resolved in a civil manner.
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  • Sidewalk Archived
    East Green St. Marshall Michigan - Marshall

    Would you be so kind as to ask the owner/proprietor, of the Shops at Marshall House, if they would trim back the assortment of shrubs that are located on their property. They overhang the public right-of-way and sidewalk on E. Green St. by more than 50%.

    Specifically, this sidewalk is located on the north side of E. Green St. and just west of Exchange Street.

    Photo is attached and looking east toward Exchange Street.

    And we thank you for your support!

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  • Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan - Marshall
    Just when you think you've seen it all! Not bad enough putting up with the issue at the parking structure, and the regular occurrence of dog droppings on the downtown sidewalks along Michigan avenue. Now we have to play dodge-um with horse poop when trying to help support local businesses. Rumor has it that two (2) females were seen riding horses on the sidewalks thru the downtown area. Guess being a city sidewalk, that means a city crew will have to pick it up!!! Photo attached for the record.
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  • Other Archived
    150 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, MI 49068, USA - Marshall
    Glass panes fell out of window on alley side of old dreamers building.
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  • 143 Circle Drive Marshall, Michigan - Marshall
    Multiple tires are being openly stored in the rear yard. This is a corner lot and therefore are visible from both side streets.
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