City of Grande Prairie, Alberta

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  • 88 Street Grande Prairie, AB T8X 0H4, Canada - Grande Prairie

    Weeds have overtaken Copperwood Park. There are also many dead pine trees.

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  • Copperwood Road Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie

    The Copperwood Neighbourhood Park needs to be be rototilled and/or weeds and grass pulled. It could also use more sand to level it as well!

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  • 86a Street Grande Prairie, AB T8X, Canada - Grande Prairie

    PLEASE get these thistle under control! They are all over the park and as you can see even in our children's playground/ sand at the park. This is dangerous for our kids as well as our animals who try to enjoy the park!

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  • Noxious Weeds Acknowledged
    Copperwood Community Park Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie

    The noxious weeds are re-growing within the sand at the playground - please have them removed so our children can safely play. The noxious weeks throughout the park continues to be a major concern for our community, it is making the park unusable for both people and animals. Please take care of this ongoing issue.

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  • unkempt yard Acknowledged
    28 Pinnacle Way grande prairie, alberta - Grande Prairie

    the weeds in this yard has not been cut in at least 2 years it is hard to maintain your own weeds when they are 4 ft high near you

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  • 9325 91a St Grande Prairie, AB - Grande Prairie

    yard is full of weeds which are spreading into neighbors yards! This is the second year that they have left them.

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  • Noxious Weeds Archived
    Pinnacle Drive Grande Prairie, AB T8W, Canada - Grande Prairie

    Crazy amount of weeds

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  • unkept yards Archived
    90a Street Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie

    there seems to be a large number of unkept yards with huge amouts of weeds all over cobblestone there anything that can be done to get property owners to address this?

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  • 8202-8222 Mission Heights Dr Grande Prairie, AB - Grande Prairie

    I believe the address is 8202 Mission Heights Drive. There has been no one living in the home for 15+ years. The yard is covered in dandelions, weeds and ant hills that keep coming to our yard. The shingles, facia and soffit are falling off everywhere all over our yard and driveway. In the winter time, the sidewalk never gets cleared. The front veranda is usually littered with phone books and flyers. Once or twice in the summer, someone comes and mows but that's it. I'm sure it should be condemned by now.

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  • 11330 81 Ave Grande Prairie, AB - Grande Prairie

    The Backyard of this house is full of weeds. It is hard to control the weeds in my own back yard because of this property.

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  • 88c Street Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
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  • weed control Archived
    8841 104ave Grande Prairie, AB - Grande Prairie

    Corner lot, stink weed and other weeds are close to 4 feet tall on the front corner of the lot. Not sure if this is a rental property or not. House is occupied.

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