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  • 7400 17th Ave Sacramento, CA - Colonial Manor

    10-12ft shrub on the west side of the park, beyond the exersize equipment. Between the wall fence and the shrub it appears that the area is being used as a toilet. Please remove the shrub or cut back significantly.

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  • 3001 Mabry Dr Sacramento, CA - Village 7

    There are two pedestrian paths that run parallel to each other but intersect Mabry Drive near the intersection of Mabry and Uccello Way. The eastern pedestrian path has proper safety signage (i.e., pedestrian crossing sign and painted crosswalk) on Mabry alerting drivers to pedestrian crossing the street in the cross walk. In addition, the eastern path has a double yellow line on Mabry preventing cars from passing in this crosswalk area.

    Several yards to the west, the sister pedestrian pathway has no signage alerting drivers to pedestrians crossing Mabry. There is no painted crosswalk on Mabry for the west bound pedestrian walkway. Finally, there is no double yellow line on this section of the road, allowing drivers to potentially pass in a already complex intersection with pedestrians.

    Please note, that this is a MAIN thoroughfare for many small children on their bikes on their way to/from school (H. Allen Hight Elementary School). Many high school students at Inderkum use these pathways too for traveling to and from school. Many adults use both pathways for running and biking as well as many elderly. It is imperative for everyone's safety, including drivers, that the proper safety signage and road markings exists for both paths. Please realize that trying to redirect everyone to one path is non-practical as there are many small children that will not understand and adhere to that methodology.

    The same issue exists for the pedestrian paths when the intersect Club Center Drive. The entire "safety integrity" of both pedestrian paths should be evaluated and analyzed for consistency and adherence to safety regulations.

    All of this information can be substantiated with the satellite view in Google Earth.

    Please correct immediately.

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  • 16th And 17th R Street Sacramento, California - South Oak Park

    Potholes, rough pavement and poor lighting is the norm on most R street, but particularly bad by the Safeway store. I had a ticket opened that was closed noting the city will take a look. I think the ticket should be open until resolved even though I understand the city is going to dispatch a crew to look at issue. I guess you can only upload one image. I have several showing potholes and the poor lighting. I think it is great the city will be taking a look. I would guess all of R street will be re-paved as projects develop, but this area near Safeway and up to Bernardo's should be fixed as it could be several years before housing and commercial establishments are completed. Thank you!!!
    Reported from my mobile device

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  • 1001 I St. Sacramento, CA - Downtown

    For at least the past 2+ months the CSS in the downtown Sacramento area near my place of employment, the CalEPA bldg., has been especially stinky. I have spent my career enforcing Clean Water Act and CA Water Code requirements and am quite familiar with them. As such, I am pretty sure these conditions represent a violation and could be enforced administratively. I ride my bike to work and every time have to walk a gauntlet of sewer gas from my bike locker to the employee entrance. The irony is that the smokers all hang out in the gas, too. That could get dangerous, I suppose. Anyway, I am asking that the City please address as a citizen and downtown "customer." I will make a formal referral of this matter to the Central Valley Water Board, too.

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  • Brookmere Way Sacramento, CA 95835, USA - Natomas Park

    Safety tripping hazard! Cement sidewalk has sunk creating a large gap and lip in the central part of the playground, creating a significant tripping hazard. Width of crack is about 4-5 inches, and lift is about 3-4 inches. Easy tripping hazard for children and adults. Please quarantine immediate area as an interim solution until sidewalk can be fixed to prevent injuries.

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  • 5699 S Land Park Dr Sacramento, CA 95822, USA - South Land Park

    Several requests to 311 for maintenance in this location have not produced any response.
    1. A plugged drain at 1 of the 2 water spigots has not been cleared.
    2. Flooding of the sidewalk due to improper irrigation drainage is habitual.
    In light of the presence of West Nile virus in our area, these areas of standing water need not be ignored any longer. Additionally, is particularly irritating to observe city crews manicuring the grounds within the city corp. yard adjacent to this dog park when calls for repairs to this popular public area go totally unheeded.

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  • 289 Olivadi Way Sacramento, CA 95834, USA - Village 2

    I've asked our nieghbor @ 289 Olivadi Way to please not feed the wild Rabbits in the field across from our home several times. We have small dogs and the rabbits are bring the Hawks and other large birds into the area endangering them .

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  • prostitution Archived
    72 Ishi Cr Sacramento, CA - South Natomas


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  • 28 Bronco Creek Way Sacramento, CA 95835, USA - Village 7

    Multiple dead landscape trees/shrubs along bikepath. Suspect watering issue. When contractor installed irrigation, half of trees received a 2" PVC pipe and those on second half of that arm necked down to a 3/4" main pipe causing an orifice and reduced flow, which can lead to a lot less water flow for the trees on the 3/4" line.
    Count about 20 dead trees by irrigation heads but no trees/shrubs. Some areas have large green weed bases as evidenced by some water flow from irrigation.
    Please verify irrigation system design and integrity as well as replant with new shadeful trees!
    Also appears that John Deere mowing equipment keeps running over sprinklers destroying the PVC drip/sprinklers and irrigation boxes.

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  • 3357 Hayground Way Sacramento, California - Natomas Creek

    The street lights have been out in front of this address for several months. It is very dark in this area.

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  • 288 Olivadi Way Sacramento, CA 95834, USA - Village 2

    By feeding the wild rabbits he is bringing the Hawks closer yo our homes. Those of us in the area have small dogs and cat are forced to worry about the predators around our homes.

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  • Corner Of 41st Street And J Street Sacramento, CA 95819, USA - East Sacramento

    There are 2 trees with growth around their bases close to the corner of 41st (southwest) and J (south) that almost totally block the sidewalk and extend into the street. The one closer to 41st also partually blocks view of oncoming cars when you try to turn onto J. They are located in the area between the sidewalk and street, across from Mercy Hospital. Is this a city issue? It is a very dangerous situation for both pedestrians and cars. The sidewalk will soon be completely hidden. Don't want anyone to get hurt!

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