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  • 1501 Eckington Pl Ne Washington, DC - Eckington

    Heading south on Eckington Pl NE towards Florida Ave NE, the signage is confusing as to which lane one should be in. If you want to turn right on Florida then immediate turn left on 1st St NE to either stay on 1st or to go West on New York, nobody knows which lane to be in (the signage only refers to going West on Florida or East on New York. Cars trying to turn for either of the other options mentioned above don't know which lane to be in, and several near accidents and a lot of angry honking has occurred (I witnessed some extreme anger between two cars, yelling at each other). The signs (and possibly some pavement markings) need to be improved to help the situation.

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  • 110-116 Florida Avenue Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington

    I have seen several cars run the red light by the Wendy's ped crossing on Florida near eckington place. I was almost hit by a van in one instance. There needs to be a red light camera, a flashing light within the existing relight and perhaps a red light installed over the 3 rd lane. Drivers seem to look ahead and see the green arrow at the next intersection and don't see the red light before that for them. Other drivers just turn into the Wendy's without looking for pedestrians. Drivers come out of the Wendy's and cross multiple lanes, also endangering pedestrians. Lastly there should be a no turn on red sign for those turning right onto new York ave from the round about. Drivers routinely turn right when there is an active 2 way street leading to a parking lot on the right.

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  • 1944 3rd Street Ne Washington, District of Columbia - Eckington

    There are large amounts of trash including Save-a-Lot shopping cart a permanent fixture where people use the shopping cart as a dumpster. It is an eyesore and the lawn of the apartment buildings immediately in front of it are littered with trash: empty bags of chips, discarded paper, broken bottles, and other trash strewn all over the properties' front yard, sidewalks, and curb area.

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  • 2000 5th St Ne Washington, DC - Eckington

    The sidewalks on the W side of the street are poorly delinated (meaning they look like parking lots) and are blocked by cars, and there are no sidewalks on the E side, forcing pedestrians to walk in the street. It's very dangerous, especially since the road is used by heavy trucks.

    I requested info from DDOT on the MBT listserv (the bottom of this road, at R, is an MBT access point) and no one responded.

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  • 1913 2nd St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington

    Tree limbs from June 23rd storm

    4TH REQUEST!!!!!
    Limbs from tree in front of 1913 2nd St Ne have been in tree box since June 25 - STILL are not picked up! They are literally rotting in place. 4 requests for pick up have gone ignored. No one is going to pick these up.

    THE CITY NEEDS TO CLEAR THIS AREA!!!! Why is this being ignored ????????????

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  • Vacant Lot Archived
    1913 2nd Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington

    1910 2nd St NE is a vacant property with extensive fire damage and hazardous materials. The city needs to board up the windows to prevent vagrants and criminals from occupying the home for illegal activities.

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  • Rat Abatement Acknowledged
    304 V Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington

    There is a major rodent problem in the rear of 304 V Street Ne

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  • Rat Abatement Acknowledged
    306 V Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington

    This problem needs to be addressed ASAP!!!!

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  • Sign New Archived
    1901 2nd Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington

    Requesting an official sign for dog waste pickup like the attached photo. Can these be placed along 2nd St NE and T St NE?

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  • Metropolitan Branch Trail Washington, District of Columbia - Eckington

    This needs to be fixed in several ways.

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  • 2014 5th St Ne WASHINGTON, DC - Eckington

    There are ALWAYS 10-20 cars and cabs blocking the sidewalk here. It's incredibly dangerous for pedestrians. I've called it in to 311 but it was "unenforceable." How are cars parking on the sidewalk 'unenforceable'?

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  • 2021 2nd Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington

    Looks like a scooter someone dumped on the side of road

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