Sector 111 and Sector 113

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  • 3200 E. Marshall St Richmond, VA - Chimborazo

    In May of 2012 (see, I reported that the metal wire trash cans had gone missing at the bus stop at the corner of E. Marshall and E. Broad St.. These trash cans were never replaced and this corner (close to two convenience stores and a well-used bus stop) continues to be a huge problem. Bottles, cans, plastic bans often end up on the sidewalk, in the street, and on adjacent properties. Periodically, neighbors place city super cans, bags for the trash, plastic trash cans and people use them. This suggests to me that a trash can would be used and better still a recycling can/trash combo. I understand that the city did not want to replace the metal can as it was probably stolen by recyclers, but it's an important and well-used corner. How about repurposing an underused solar compactor (the one at 25th and E. Broad comes to mine)?

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  • 807 N 24th Street Richmond, VA - Union Hill
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  • 3400 E Broad St VA, USA - Chimborazo

    Speeding in and around park area, unsafe for pedestrians, children.

    - Run radar at E. Broad between N. 32nd and and N. 36th Streets.
    - Install STOP signs somewhere along this stretch to slow traffic.
    - Lower speed limit to 10-15 mph around park.

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  • 818 N 27th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North

    This property appears to be abandon. The lot is overgrown, weeds are >20inches in height, the sidewalk is obstructed and not safe. People have been seen using elicit drugs on porch and back yard of this property. Yelling loud arguments taking place outside this property are heard on a regular basis. A thorough code enforcement inspection is requested.

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  • 817 North 25th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North

    The alley between 24th and 25th is out of control. Not only is the mud so bad it has run over into everyone's driveway, but the potholes are so big that they can cause damage to a vehicle. Add onto that the pile of abandoned junk (from a vacant house) and you have a catastrophe in people's backyards. I can't even take the kids for a walk out back anymore, and I have to carry them on my toes to the car. Please come save our block!!! The pictures do not do the alley justice... You have to see it to believe it. Help!!!

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  • Other Archived
    301-307 North 33rd Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Chimborazo

    Urgent sidewalk repair and stump removal needed at N. 33rd and E. Broad streets. Tripping hazard for pedestrians and runners, inaccessible to wheelchairs.

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  • 606 N. 31st Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    I understand that this property is owned but it is vacant. We moved in next door on June 1, 2013 (almost a year ago). Since that time 606 N. 31st property has been vacant and we have never seen the owner.
    This property is structurally unsound--it is leaning in the back. It also has broken siding and holes in the siding in which birds and other animals are nesting right now. A piece of siding came down last week and hit my wife in our backyard (only 3 feet separate our houses). The roof is also in total disrepair with shingles coming off and onto our roof every time there is a windstorm or heavy rain. We are also very concerned that this house is a fire hazard.

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  • 3408 East Marshall Street Richmond, VA - Chimborazo

    Construction materials dumped on sidewalk. Owners clearly threw intact toilet onto sidewalk, which has been lying broken in pieces within the pile for two weeks. Owners should be cited for dangerous/hazardous illegal dumping.

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  • 415 N. 32nd St Richmond, VA - Chimborazo

    This will be the third request in the last couple of months to have this fixed. Broken upstairs windows, house has been vacant since 2005. Overgrown lot in front and back. glass, broken bricks and trash scattered in front yard, porch is falling apart. Fix it!

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  • 412 North 35th Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Chimborazo

    This issue has been closed previously on seeclickfix by the city, but so far I have not seen any progress. Nothing warning pedestrians or vehicles of this 8-10 foot deep hole. Please fix before there is a serious accident! There are so many young children that live nearby.

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  • 1107 N. 26th Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill North

    1st Reported Issue - December 2011 = 2 cat
    2nd Reported Issue - April 2013 = 3+ cats

    This time = 8 cats, 5 kittens.

    I don't know what needs to be done to fix this, but the issue is quickly escalating. Putting a brick in the one hole that is perceived as their only entrance is not going to be enough to end this issue.

    Thank you for looking into this issue.

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  • 821 North 25th Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill North

    An abandoned house has become a danger to our block. The house hasn't been mowed properly all summer. The first snake was seen a month ago. Now, the huge bush at the end (which is now part of the parking lot) is blocking vehicle view and interfering with driving in the alley. There are two small children who live beside this house and it is unsafe for them to be so close to neglected property. Please help.

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