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  • 300 W. Clay St Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward

    Abner Clay Park, a city park with a playground, is located at Clay and Brook Rd, a complex interaction with a Four-Way stop sign. Blooming Child Petite Academy, a daycare facility, is located at 300 W. Clay St. Because of these two facilities, there are often small children near the street, crossing Brook Rd., and playing in the park. Twice last week, I was almost hit with my 20 month old son crossing Clay or Brook by cars driving above the speed limit or driving through one of the stop signs without coming to a complete stop. Please consider adding a "Children Playing" sign to alert drivers to the presence of the city park and daycare center.

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  • 308 W Clay St Richmond, VA - Jackson Ward

    Hi There is a lot of graffiti in the alley and on the walls of 308 W clay st. Can the city please help and try to remove it?
    Thank you very much.

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  • 1 3, 5 East Leigh Street, Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward

    Several months ago the neighborhood representative contacted your office in regards to the storm drain on St. James and Leigh Street was clog and has been for a long time. Your workers came out about a month a go and stated to one of the residents that reside at 3 East Leigh and 5 East Leigh Street the clog will be fixed that day. Later that day after surveying the problem one of the workers stated to another resident that the clog could not be unclogged. How can a clog not be unclog?

    Something needs to be done about this because each time it rains the rain water drains very, very slowly in the storm drain because of the clog. There is a high level of standing water which interrupts the residents coming and going to and from their homes.

    The water is so high that the storm drain at the corner of the street and the far right side of Leigh Street are flooded. The residents have to be very careful coming out of their apartments because they will be drenched with the dirty water. One of the residents was leaving one morining going to work when a truck drove into this flooded area and the dirty, filthy water drenched her, the sidewalk, the building, the windows, the door, the porch, etc. (it seems that people driving trucks, jeeps and other big vehicles like running into this flooded area to see the water splatter up) she had to call her job to report that she would be late and had to clean herself up and change clothes. Again, something needs to be done about this. We residents have waited for so very long in this problem being corrected and your workers did nothing.

    We have to peek out of the door to see if a vehicle is coming down Leigh Street from the light at Adams Street and if they are in the far right lane. If they are we have to go back inside the building until the vehicle passes and the water runs back back in the street off the sidewalk.

    Also, your workers left the triangle Caution Signs at the curb of St. James and Leigh Street laying flat pilled up. I thought that they left them there to caution drivers and that they were coming back but I was informed that they are not.

    Whatever the City of Richmond, Virginia needs to do to correct this ongoing problem in this area we residents (tax payers) would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You!!

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  • Other Archived
    324-398 Brook Road Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward

    No parking sign has been knocked over. This is a tripping hazard and car have started parking along the street causing traffic issues.

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  • 521 St James Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward

    I have lived here for many years and this house is a nuisance. It is attached to my house and it is unfair that the wonderful city I live in will not take care of situation. It is full of rodents which scratch my walls at night. It attracts riff raff which I find on my/their porch at least once a week. As a homeowner, this is disgraceful. The city needs to take care of this nightmare.

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  • 5east Leigh Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward

    When ever it rains the corner of St. James and Leigh floods. It is so deep that it make it very hard for traffic coming out of St. James street to enter on to Leigh Street. And whenever a city bus or truck drive thru the high water it splashes on to the porch of my neighbors. They are afraid to come out of their front door due the fear of getting wet. Please help!

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  • Marshall St. And Brook Rd Richmond, VA - Jackson Ward

    signs for Marshall St. and Brook Rd. are missing off the sign pole. Makes sense why people are calling our business b/c they cannot find it.

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  • 8 E Broad St Richmond, VA - Jackson Ward

    The alley that runs between Broad St and Marshall St. From Adams to Broad is filled with trash and human feces. It's disgusting and constant. Please help

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  • Brook Rd & Clay St Richmond, VA - Jackson Ward

    2nd request in 2 months for action here Richmond. People are blowing thru this sign and not even knowing it's there. Look at the image, this is about 100 ft before the sign, you cannot even see one on left and don't even see the right one until it's too late. Almost been T-boned twice here. There is a nursery school and a playground at this corner, please fix this before someone gets hurt!!!!

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  • 518 St James St Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward

    There are two potholes in our alley, one is at least 4' x 4' wide and 3" or more deep; and the other is at least 1.5' x 1.5' and 2" or more deep. We would like to request that the city have our alley either repaved to prevent further deterioration of our alleyway OR at the very least, that the potholes be completely repaved.

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  • Graffiti Archived
    312 Brook Rd Richmond, VA 23219, USA - Jackson Ward

    Alley behind Empire Theatre. Tags on Theatre IV shop bldgs.

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  • 617 St Peter Street Richmond, VA - Jackson Ward

    city has control of this house now. someone tore the boards off the side of the house within the past couple of days and may possible be squatting in there. the front of the house is overgrown and the back area needs to be cleaned up. we are concerned about people living in there and possibly doing drugs

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