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  • 351 Midland Avenue RYE, NY - Rye
    T-Intersection with no traffic calming devices or signals.1 child killed and another injured by on coming traffic.
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  • Hen Island Rye, NY - Rye
    Sewage entering the LongIsland Sound
    Reported from my mobile device
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  • I- 287 Rye, NY - Rye
    The ramps linking 287 and 95 are the neglected stepchildren of Westchester's highways. Crater-like potholes are nearly impossible to avoid. They're rarely repaired, and when they are, the fixes never last more than a week or so.
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  • 351 Midland Ave Rye, NY - Rye
    There has already been a child killed and another person hurt at this intersection. A Stop sign is needed!!
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  • 15-57 Theodore Fremd Ave Rye, NY 10580, USA - Rye
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  • 151 Locust Ave Rye, NY 10580, USA - Rye
    several large potholes
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  • Rye NY 10580, USA - Rye
    massive pot hole stretching across the entrance ramp to the 95. Cannot be avoided.
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  • Midland Avenue Rye, NY - Rye
    Stop Signs Needed ASAP
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  • Ridge St Rye, NY - Rye
    Drivers coming South on Ridge have a Yield Sign at an intersection where everyone else has a Stop sign. Driver stops to "yield".. This results in confusion for everyone. The Stop Sign cars wait, the Yield car waits, then everyone goes at once. Recipe for disaster.
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  • 1-7 Peck Ave Rye, NY 10580, USA - Rye
    WHEN WILL THEY PAVE THE ROAD WHERE THE TRAIN STATION IS? It is Atrocious driving through on that road.
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  • Playland Pkwy Rye, NY - Rye
    The speed limit is 30mph on a 4 lane parkway. It causes dangerous conditions when people try to pass. They should leave it at 30 during school but increse it to 45 durring non-school hours.
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  • Boston Post Rd Rye, NY - Rye
    Cars coming from Cross St. and the traffic circle wait at the light to turn left into City Hall/Library/Lester's. Oncoming traffic has a separate traffic light for EACH of the 2 lanes. The first light turns red and the waiting cars, seeing that oncoming cars have stopped, think the coast is clear to turn left. However, the other oncoming lane still has a green light. Along comes a car in the green-light lane and hits the unsuspecting left-turn driver. Recipe for disaster.
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