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  • 1145 17th St Nw Washington, DC - Golden Triangle Improvement District

    a chunk of curb has fallen off and is laying on the street/curb.

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  • Vacant Lot Archived
    259 Warren St Ne 20002 - Capitol Hill

    Lots are in serious disrepair -- have recently been used as a dumping ground by construction sites, animals & non-residents. Lots # 1033-0135, -0136 & -0137.

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  • 511 O Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia - Shaw

    This abandoned house is falling apart. There is trash including a mattress in the front entryway. Drivers have been spotted stopping there to urinate in the basement entrance. The yard is overgrown. The boards are coming away from the windows. It looks accessible to vagrants and to people looking to stash things that shouldn't be stashed (e.g. drugs, weapons). In short, this beautiful old edifice has become a public hazard and public nuisance.

    Is there a plan to hold the owner accountable for making this property habitable and safe? Is there something we here in the neighborhood can do to help?

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  • Bicycles Acknowledged
    358-398 12th Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Downtown

    Part of the intersection, including all of the eastbound lane of the Pennsylvania Ave NW cycletrack, have been milled for nearly a month. This creates a dangerous situation for cyclists in the cycletrack, which cyclists expected to be a safe place to ride. Cyclists risk a sudden flat or nasty fall, that could be serious with motor vehicle traffic so close by. Many cyclists instead veer into the westbound cycletrack, creating a risk of head on collision.

    Please, when will this be fixed?

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  • Pedestrian/Bike Tunnel Under Intersection Of Canal & Foxhall Roads washington , dc - Downtown

    the lights in the pedestrian/bike tunnel underneath the split at foxhall & canal roads NW have been out since early spring. that tunnel is creepy to begin with, but without lights it's even worse - especially if you are biking, b/c your eyes don't have a chance to adjust. the tunnel is generally wet from the canal as well, so not having lighting in there increases the chance of slips/falls. this situation is dangerous and needs to be fixed ASAP.

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  • dangerous sidewalk Acknowledged
    530 9th St Ne Washington D.C., DC - Capitol Hill

    I submitted this repair request more than 2 months ago. The case was given a case number and "closed" yet nothing has been done. It is indicated here that sidewalk repair requests generally take 25 days to address. It is now much longer than 25 days.

    Roots from a tree that was cut down about a year ago have not been removed. The roots have pushed up and dislocated many of the bricks and it has become a dangerous walking hazard. Many people trip and fall on this area. The roots need to be dug out and the brick sidewalk reinstalled.

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  • Vacant Lot Acknowledged
    419 Ridge Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw

    Construction on the property has been abandoned and the site is not secure. It is increasingly dangerous to drive down the adjacent alley. There is also a large pile of construction trash that has been left on the property.

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  • 1384-1398 Shepherd Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Petworth

    Household trash, furniture, blinds, and construction debris. On Shepherd NW just east of 14th next to the alley.

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  • 953 Randolph Street Northwest Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth

    Sewer gutter has become dislodged and is now open. Children and animal s are in immediate danger of falling in.

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  • 4100 Livingston St. Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Chevy Chase

    large pile of decaying leaves from last Fall on Livingston taking up valuable parking space on a busy park street

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  • Sign Missing Acknowledged
    1501-1523 Benning Rd Ne Washington D.C., DC 20002, USA - Stadium-Armory

    Sign restricting left turn from Bladensburg onto Benning Rd was never replaced after construction. The traffic light has the right turn only arrow but cars still attempt to make the left, blocking oncoming traffic from Maryland Ave and 15th St NE

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