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rohs32 looking for workplace safety hazards of serious nature

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  • Exit Off 91n Into Pulaski Circle Hartford Ct - Downtown

    Graffitti on bridges as you enter the city. Also for the past 6 years there's been an unsightly pile of roofing material under the underpass. Time to make those respinsible finish the work or remove the materials. Looks terrible
    Reported from my mobile device

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  • Parks Archived
    Main St And Park St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - South Green

    Hazardous conditions. Huge trenches.

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  • 34 Wethersfield Ave Hartford, CT - Sheldon Charter Oak

    Utility company has created a new and worse trench in the road about 20 feet north of the one previously reported. You can't avoid it and it is terrible! Apparently workers no longer have any pride in the work they do. Welcome to America, the newest third world country.

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  • 115 Putnam Street Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow

    Home-build plywood garage and shed encroach on adjoining property lines, roof slope sends runoff into adjoining yard and has provided a route of entry/escape for trespassers.

    There is nothing to suggest that this structure was built in compliance any past or present building code, nor that any permit was pulled.

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  • Pothole Archived
    Sigourney Street - Frog Hollow

    Enormous, dangerous trench along with round hole. Cyclist was injured today. Dangerous to cars and cyclists.

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  • 245 Wethersfield Ave Hartford, CT - Barry Square

    The back yard of this house and its co-owned neighboring property has filled up with construction debris; tamerac, roofing shingles, fencing materials,etc. It is fast becoming a home for rodents and other 'wildlife'.

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  • Injustice Archived
    300 Wethersfield Ave Hartford, CT - Barry Square

    Bulkeley High School injustice of passing students to increase their graduation numbers behind the scenes. Students talked among each others and laugh about their "free time" calling teachers "obscenes" names and were GIVEN the points to pass. In the other hands there are the students who were in need of points and were not given the opportunity to work on extra work to pass. It is politics. The evidence is there, the school just need to be shaken and ask for proof. A student was given had a 50 and to pass was given a 90 to balanced it to a D for the whole year. The Board of educationis hiding these wrong doings. These are professionals who lie to look good. I encourage other parents who went through this to open their mouth now so other students don't suffer their injustice.

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  • 34-36 Wethersfield Ave hartford, ct - Sheldon Charter Oak

    Please fill in the TRENCH running across the northbound lane in front of 34-36 Wethersfield Ave. It's an axle and spring breaker, not to mention a safety hazard to motorists.

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  • 2-88 Francis Ave Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Parkville

    Congrats, Hartford... Using a new anti-blight ordinance that went into effect last July, the city of Hartford announced that it has foreclosed and plans to demolish an old warehouse with a sagging roof at 42 Francis Ave.

    The new ordinance allowed Hartford to obtain the property through strict foreclosure. On or about Nov. 6, 2008, citations and regulation violations of $400 per day from various city departments began to accumulate for Westall Company LLC. By the time the city acquired the property, the company owed $56,000.

    Once the lot is cleared, the property could go up for public auction or otherwise be available for development. That's great news for the neighborhood.

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  • Roof leaks Archived
    20 Townley St Hartford, CT - Asylum Hill

    Roof has not been repaired in 3 years. Rains inside, interior has been badly damaged. Mgmt. claims cannot get a loan. Help.

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