Precita Valley / Bernal Heights North

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Precita Valley, or the North Side of Bernal Heights. North of Bernal Heights Park, South of Cesar Chavez, East of Mission and West of Bayshore/101.

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  • 1500-1556 Bernal Heights Blvd San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Bernal Heights

    Dumped on Bernal Hill

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  • 3150 Cesar Chavez Street San Francisco, CA - Mission

    The condition of Cesar Chavez street is beyond poor. There are too many defects to list. The entire street is dangerous for bike riders and is damaging to cars. Potholes, uneven pavement, no lane striping. At one time we had hoped to have this street be a new tree-lined boulevard. Sadly it has just been abandoned by the city and our supervisor. The construction has long been completed and our underserved community has been left with a an eyesore and a street that is more dangerous than before the sewer work began.

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  • 51 Peralta Ave San Francisco, CA 94110 - Bernal Heights

    On less than two blocks of our street, we've had at least 5 car break-ins in the last 6 months

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  • 216 Precita Ave San Francisco, California - Bernal Heights

    I have a neighbor who's waste drain pipe appears to have broken and sewage water is running onto the ground. I've attempted to contact the owner of the property, but the tenants are unsure of how to contact them. Apparently the original owner has died (Maria Dolores Gilbert) and her heirs are resolving probate issues surrounding the property. In the meantime, what appears to be raw sewage is seeping between our houses and into a sidewalk planter of mine. Would you please investigate the problem and notify the owner?

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  • 93 Coleridge Street - Bernal Heights

    Need to change out light bulb at street light at coleridge street mini park at Esmeralda steps.

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  • Fire Hazards Archived
    3282 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Bernal Heights

    This overgrown tree is blocking the sidewalk and access. Presents a fire danger to the house and blocks emergency access.

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  • 355 Precita Avenue San Francisco, CA - Bernal Heights

    On Saturday, August 31, a huge tree branch fell from a tree directly in front of 355 Precita Avenue. Within 36 hours, someone cut the branch into several pieces, moved it to the adjacent property in front of Leonard Flynn Elementary School and trimmed the tree.

    The branch pieces have sat in front of Leonard Flynn ever since. Isn't the owner of 355 Precita responsible for clean up? If yes, has the City contacted the owners and required them to remove the branch? These debris are a tripping hazard and an eye sore. Why is it still here 11 days later?

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  • 600-618 Precita Ave San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Bernal Heights

    The crosswalks at florida and precita have been missing for months. There are too many kids and elderly in this neighborhood to have them crossing streets without crosswalks.

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  • 257 Esmeralda Ave San Francisco, CA 94110 - Bernal Heights

    There is an increasing amount of graffiti all along the Esmeralda steps. Also, they need to be cleaned and swept of dirt and tree Debris. usually the City is pretty good about keeping this area maintained. Thanks!

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  • 47 Prospect San Francisco, California - Bernal Heights

    No permit for outside work yet huge 12+ foot support poles are now anchored in cement and erected. These are as close as 1" from 3 neighbors' property lines too! Thank you!

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  • 267 Precita Avenue San Francisco, CA - Bernal Heights

    I've seen more cars blow right through this stop sign than usual in the past month. I'm guessing the tree making it almost impossible to see the stop sign may have something to do with it.

    To sign is located on Precita Avenue at the corner of Shotwell. To see it on Google Street View, click the following link:,+San+Francisco,+CA&hl=en&ll=37.747349,-122.414842&spn=0.001355,0.00284&sll=37.269174,-119.306607&sspn=11.09543,23.269043&oq=precita+av&hnear=Precita+Ave,+San+Francisco,+California+94110&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=37.747334,-122.414731&panoid=uKmiEK-gtSOWRXKtEo5uPA&cbp=12,326.67,,0,0.08

    How do we go about getting the tree branches trimmed?

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  • Cesar Chavez Street San Francisco, California - Bernal Heights

    The sidewalk / bike path that goes east-bound underneath the freeway is one of the most disgusting places I have to go through on my way to work. The homeless encampments use every corner of space down here to throw their garbage. If you look behind the concrete divider/fence down into the ivy, there is ton's of trash. There is trash in every nook and cranny. And is smells TERRIBLE. There is broken glass all over the sidewalk. This boon to society not only is dangerous and most likely a health hazard, but it is also attracting nefarious characters - I'm pretty sure a fair amount of drug deals happen at the base of the steps that go up to Peralta Ave.

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