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  • 642-646 Guerrero St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission

    Why is it that people have the right to break the law, just because they're "going to church?" Every Sunday, my family, which includes three school aged children, takes a bike ride through the city. We specifically choose paths with good bike lanes so we can maintain the highest safety possible. But when ever we near a church, the bike lanes suddenly disappear, due to double parking and parking in the meridian by folks attending church services. This puts us in direct danger, having to ride in the "car lane" to go around the parked cars. There are plenty of city lots within walking distance of their houses of worship. Why is it OK to disregard the law on Sunday mornings? Why aren't they getting tickets left and right? If nothing else, it would raise additional revenue for the city. And it might just make people think again about more eco-friendly modes of transportation, like public transit, bikes, or their own two feet.

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  • 601-649 Dolores St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Castro-Upper Market

    The new Zebra lines arent any better. I dont understand why its so hard to put a stop sign. People roll down the hill from 20th and zoom to 18th without slowing down. We need a light or stop sign on 19th at Dolores. I've seen too many cars close to hitting pedestrians and their dogs.

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  • 380 Eureka St San Francisco, CA 94114, USA - Castro-Upper Market

    there is a 35 bus southbound stop at 21st and douglas but there is no way to cross safely the intersection, because cars coming up on eureka can't see the pedestrians on the hill

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  • Church In Between Market And Duboce - Duboce Triangle

    This has become a popular begging ground and place to hang out for scores of people looking to harass passersby. Needs to have these folks in need move out of here. The problem needst be fixed

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  • 190 Fair Oaks St San Francisco, CA 94110 - Mission

    Traffic on 23rd Street is too fast. Cars are trying to beat the traffic light on Dolores. This is adjacent to a school and a neighborhood w/ lots of foot traffic. Speed remediation measure needed.

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  • 1-17 San Francisco Bicycle Route 66 San Francisco, CA 94131, USA - Glen Park

    increased camping under the richland bridge - more long-term campers and illegal dumping.

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  • 1499 Guerrero Street - Bernal Heights

    Uncontrolled intersection. Pedestrian visibility across Guerrero is poor; drivers to do not stop for pedestrians crossing to get to/from St. Luke's Emergency Room. Vehicles exiting St. Luke's ER stop in the crosswalk across 27th Street, with many near-misses since vehicles don't look for pedestrians going north or south on Guerrero. Sidewalks are cut way back to encourage rapid vehicle turning.

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  • 87 Dolores San Francisco, California - Castro-Upper Market

    The 30-unit 87 Dolores building was damaged by fire and water (resulting in mold) on April 15 2014. All residents have been displaced and the building has yet to be cleared of debris or discarded items, and no building permits have been issued for the repair.

    *CAO Lall-- I did call the number you referred me to and DBI says the permits have been filed but not issued.

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  • traffic madness Acknowledged
    16th Street And Castro San Francisco, CA 94114, USA - Castro-Upper Market

    Cars run these stop signs all the time. Nobody signals. Nobody looks. Cars coming up 16th just barrel through, and cars on Castro barely stop. It's a madhouse with large amounts of traffic throughout the day, weekdays and weekends. Pedestrians take their lives in their hands trying to cross. This is a major intersection that desperately needs a traffic light.

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  • 19-39 Brompton Ave San Francisco, CA 94131, USA - Glen Park

    Years and years of neglect for the buildings at 25, 31, and 37 Brompton make the immediate area an eyesore.

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  • 28 Cunningham Pl San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission

    It's impossible to get down this street with a car or bike Saturday mornings because cars are parked so that they take up the whole parking area and most of the alley.

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  • 4364 17th Street San Francisco, CA 94114, USA - Castro-Upper Market

    Antenna at 153 corbett takes up the entire roof and does not look like a residential antenna. It appears to be for both broadcast and reception and is far to powerful, interrupting other traffic in the area. I see no permit for it.

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