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  • 75206 - m Streets

    The Dallas Morning News distributes a weekly spanish language paper called the Al Dia. This paper is distributed free of charge to neighborhoods with statistically latin populations. These yellow papers litter the streets, and mostly go unread. I want to stop this unnecessary waste of resources, and clean up the street from this marketing campaign on behalf of the Dallas Morning News.

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  • Lemmon Ave Dallas, TX - Oak Lawn

    Lemmon from Oak Lawn to Mockingbird is like a dirt road.

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  • 2425 N Henderson Ave Dallas, TX 75206 - m Streets

    N.henderson Ave. between greenville ave. and 75 has the worse raod road in Dallas. Please somebody take care of this problem...

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  • 2200 Perryton Dr Dallas 75224 - Southwest Dallas

    Popsicle sales have increased on Perryton Dr. in front of Kiest Park. Problems include: being posted in the street for hours, interrupting the flow of traffic on a very busy street, litter from customers throw their trash on the ground and breaking the city code by entering the park for sales. I have over 30 pictures of infractions.

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  • 11311 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX 75229, USA - Preston Hollow

    There are a lot of potholes on the southbound of I-35 between 635 and Loop 12.

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  • 2463 Mc Millan Ave Dallas, TX 75206 - m Streets

    McMillan is one solid pot hole. I have attached a number of pictures.

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  • Phone Pole Archived
    1827 Willow Rd Carrollton, TX ***** - Carrollton

    Theres a broken phone pole in the alley back of 1827 willow thats been broke for months? Needs to be fix ASAP some kid is going to get killed if it falls on them!!!!!

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  • I-35E South Archived
    11233 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX 75229, USA - Preston Hollow

    The middle lanes have huge potholes that have turned into large sections of pavement missing. A car in front of me hit one and caused a rock to chip and crack my windshield.

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  • 4690 Ross Ave Dallas, TX 75204 - Northeast Dallas

    The two biggest potholes on the off-terrain Ross Ave. are at Grigsby: consecutive axle-breakers in the right lane of northeast-bound Ross just before the Popeye's.

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  • I-35e Southbound - Preston Hollow

    Nasty set of potholes in left lane of I-35E southbound as you pass under the I-635 overpass as the HOV lane ends.

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  • 2605 Kimberly Dr Garland, TX 75040 - Coomer Creek

    A storm drain in the middle of the street right in front of the 2605 house has been missing a cover for the past 2 years.

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  • 1272 Donald Ave Carrollton, TX 75006 - Carrollton

    They keep their Chihuahua loose in their front yard 24 / 7 with no collar -- every time we walk our dogs the dog comes up to us. The front yard is not fenced.

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