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  • Washington & Sylvan Waterbury, CT - Waterbury

    The cars coming up the hill do not have a stop sign, if you are on Sylvan Ave you NEED to pass the white line in order to see the cars coming up the hill. The people in the corner house have a large tree making it IMPOSSIBLE to see oncoming cars. I have been here 4 yrs & have seen atleast 2-3 accidents a month, MANY being serious. PLEASE, THIS IS A BUS STOP for the city & for all schools! ***THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED***

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  • Intersection Of Scott Rd & Reidville Drive Waterbury, CT - Waterbury

    Traffic making a left turn from Scott Rd. onto Reidville Dr. has to do so blind because the on coming traffic turning onto I84 blocks line of sight.

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  • 246 N Main St Waterbury, CT 06702 - Waterbury

    The traffic signal at the corners of North Main, Kingsbury and Cooke streets are unreasonably long when attempting to cross North Main. The light at Cooke and Grove Street is also unreasonably long. Please review the traffic patterns and adjust the wait time.

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  • Waterbury, CT - Waterbury

    whoever is in charge of clearing the snow from waterbury's sidewalks and bus stops has not done a sufficient job. there is no where for pedestrians to walk or wait on public transportation. please address this ASAP

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  • 299 Platts Mills Rd Waterbury, CT 06706 - Waterbury

    There is a very large pothole on the RH side of Platts Mill Rd while heading North. Vehicles often veer to the opposite side of the curved road in order to avoid a pot hole causing an unsafe condition when another vehicle is traveling in the opposite direction.

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  • E Main St Waterbury, CT - Waterbury

    Traffic lanes for this traffic light have been incorrectly designated. The majority of the traffic flowing westbound on East Main St turn right up on Pierpont Rd toward Meriden Road or the 2 public schools located on Pierpont or go straight. Traffic gets tied up and creates a bottleneck for those leaving the Middle School on East Main St and shoppers coming from Costco, Kohl's and Coco Key as well as the regular local traffic. Very few vehicles turn left down Pierpont at this intersection. The lanes should be straight & left turn for one lane and the other should be right turn only.

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  • Fleet Street Waterbury, CT - Waterbury

    Please plow Fleet Street Child has history of seizures.

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  • 408 Hill St Waterbury, CT - Waterbury

    On average about 5-12 people sitting on grafitti side of liquor store, on empty cartons, drinking alcohol, selling and using drugs, and injecting during business hours. Grafitti is horrible.

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  • 178 Fillmore St. New Haven, CT - Waterbury

    178 Fillmore St. garbage needles, rats open to trespass. all copper pipes removed. very dangerous for the children going to farnam neighborhood house

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  • 176 Fillmore St. New Haven, CT - Waterbury

    Trash and garbage all over the property. Also open to trespass

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  • 1132 Meriden Road Waterbury, CT - Waterbury

    Tree feel on the roof of Meridian Manor Convalescent & Rehab Center. Appears to have fallen in the area of the kitchen. Apparently no one has been hurt or nothing compromised as there were no Police or Fire Dept visits there as I have not heard any sirens, etc. I believe maintainence staff removed the tree promptly.

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