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  • Christopher Columbus Fwy & 23 Mile Rd Shelby Township, MI 48315, USA - Shelby Township

    Why is the exit ramp from M-53 onto Eastbound 23 Mile No Turn On Red full time?? This should be a No Turn On Red 9am-7pm type of deal. At night, there is much lighter traffic and you can safely turn on red, especially if you're coming home at 2am, there is no one on the road!! It also doesn't help that the red light is ridiculously long, especially when you're waiting there and there is no one on the road. FIX IT!!!!!!

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  • 46700-46998 Dequindre Rd Utica, MI 48317, USA - Shelby Township

    Horrible, horrible roads at the intersection of Dequindre and Auburn Roads. For years all roads, going both E - W and N - S, have been in a state of total disrepair. This is shameful state of affairs allowed to exist by both Oakland and Macomb counties. We should find a way to force all Oakland and Macomb county executives to drive through this intersection on their way to work. Then you will see some action.

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  • 47337-47521 Hayes Rd Macomb Township, MI 48044, USA - Shelby Township

    Need one additional lane and center lane on Hayes (both sides) from 21 mile NB till 23 mile to ease traffic

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  • 54751 Hibiscus Dr. mACOMB , MI 48042 - Shelby Township

    Ever since new lights have been installed traffic backs up like never before. Last Friday at 5:35 going south we were backed up almost to 23 mile rd.

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  • 5780 5898 24 Mile Rd Utica, MI 48316, USA - Shelby Township

    Rough blacktop road. Per Shelby council TV. The section of 24 Mile Rd between Mound and Shelby Rd was to be repaved several years ago, but the county did not have the budget. Cracks were filled in with tar, most of which have now disentergrated. The road is continuing to deteriorate.

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  • 45802-45942 Dequindre Rd Utica, MI 48317, USA - Shelby Township

    Dequindre between Auburn and South Blvd needs repaving badly. When I drive it, I have to slow down and suffer whiplash until I get out of that area. It looks like it took some heavy artillery.

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  • 47961 Schoenherr Rd Shelby Township, MI 48315, USA - Shelby Township

    a light is needed at Patterson (collector road) and Schoenherr, timed for rush hour and high church time traffic. Impossible for legal left turns from subdivisions and church at several peak time daily.

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  • broken road Archived
    45500-45800 Dequindre Rd Utica, MI 48317, USA - Shelby Township

    This section of Dequindre from 59 to Hamlin is terrible. It is so bad that when the patching crews go through, they don't have enough patch to fill all the holes. Go slow or go directly to the alignment shop.

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  • 48945 Hayes Rd Shelby Township, MI 48315, USA - Macomb Township

    while your lanes are green, the left hand light blinks yellow, if you think your going to get a green arrow when the light turns yellow. while your wrong cause it's doesn't turn green, very dangerous! if something have been running one way for for years and you change it, well expect more accidents. ever since they put in those lights that run of camaras, i have almost got into 2or 3 accidents at that light! FIX IT!

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  • 9312-9870 26 Mile Rd Shelby Township, MI 48316, USA - Shelby Township

    increase time for the left hand turn green arrow for entering into homedepot/ target shopping center from west bound 26 mile

    more time is needed to allow form more than 4 or 5 vehicles

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  • 23 Mile & Schoenherr - Shelby Township

    Recently installed so-called "intelligent" traffic signals on 23 mile & Schoenherr are causing major traffic back-ups especially on 23 mile going eastbound. It's always busy here but since those lights have gone in traffic has been backed up almost to the freeway. The left turn lane north onto Schoenherr is terrible. I was under the impression these lights were supposed to "see" how much traffic there is & adjust the timing accordingly. So far all I can see is that traffic has gotten worse on this corner since they've been put in.

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  • 47100 Schoenherr Rd Shelby Township, MI 48315, USA - Shelby Township

    lights are crazy,accidents all the time because lights are timed wrong.

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