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  • Right of way? Archived
    1001-1037 3rd Ave N Nashville, TN 37201, USA - Downtown

    At this intersection of 3rd avenue north, traffic from 3rd who need to turn right onto Jefferson must get over in the far right lane. However, vehicles are already in that lane if they're turning off of Jackson/2nd. Who has the right of way here? Can I recommend a yield sign for either vehicles on 3rd or those merging from Jackson? Thanks!

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  • 470-498 Gay St Nashville, TN 37219, USA - Downtown

    Due to all the buses and 18-wheelers that go thru this short cut the road is torn to pieces.

    I would have thought they would have paved this when they were paving James Robertson Parkway since it is a very small stretch of roadway.

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  • 501 Davidson St Nashville, TN 37213, USA - Stadium Area

    The bike lane on Davidson street has been littered with broken glass for several weeks and is almost unusable.

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  • 400-498 Rosa L Parks Ave Nashville, TN 37203, USA - Downtown

    There are a half-dozen traffic lights within just a few hundred yards on Charlotte Ave. near Robertson Parkway. Some are so closely spaced that there is room for only 3-4 cars between lights. The timing of the lights is incredibly poor, particularly during rush hour when hundreds of state employees are pouring out of nearby offices. Traffic backs up for many light-cycles at these spots. It should be quite simple, with a little thought, to time these closely spaced signals to maximize traffic flow and minimize congestion.

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  • 1801 4th Ave North nashville, TN - Salemtown

    This abandoned house is infested with large Rats, Fleas and Roaches. Due to standing stagnant water, the house is also a source of mosquito and their larvae. The yard is covered in feces. There is one of two pit bulls chained to a fixed location that is less than three feet resulting in the dog eating and sleeping in it's own feces. Building and codes, the health department and metro animal control have been contacted several times by the entire neighborhood association many times. Please help.

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  • 710 Shelby Ave - Historic Edgefield

    The house on this property consistantly has very tall grass that has not been cut. While sitting in traffic this morning, I saw a rat run across the driveway and into the very tall grass. This property is a breeding ground for rats, snakes and other rodents.

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  • Jefferson St - Haynes Area

    Jefferson Street is full of pothole

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  • Nolensville Road - Downtown

    The ornamental trees along Nolensville Road south of 440 creat a hazzard when attempting to enter traffic due to low hanging limbs and vegetation. They are especially a problem pulling out of Regions bank as the almost completely block the view of traffic travelling south on Nolensville Road. They should be trimmed as soon as possible.

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  • Ashton Avenue & Clarksville Pike Davidson County, TN - Bordeaux

    Going south on Clarksville Pike, between W. Hamilton Road and Trinity Lane, there is no stop light. Cars speed from W. Hamilton to the Trinity Lane light. There is a housing community for women and children at the corner of Ashton where the mother's frequently catch the bus. They have to cross Clarksville Pike, dodging traffic, to get to the bus stop on the oppositie side of the street. It's only a matter a time before a mother and her baby get run over by these speeding cars. There's needs to be a traffic light installed at Ashton Avenue so that mothers and their children can cross safely.

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  • 2005 Oakwood Avenue NASHVILLE/DAVIDSON, TN - Downtown

    people dumping trash up and down street lott not maintained properly illegal contractor and waste dumpimg

    Thank you for responding
    This issue is not been resolved no one has removed over grown trees and bushes trash is still being thrown from passing vehicles
    The fence on at the side of my property is leaning as a result of. Construction waste that was dumped over a period of 2 to 3 years
    Please this problem needs to be addressed .
    Not just talked about

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  • I-24 East Bound nashville, TN - Downtown

    on i24 east bound right before exit 63,there is 5 lights out ,ploe numbers e16,e17,e18,e19,and e20,very dark and dangerous,,lights been out since june.

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