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NHS%u2019 core mission is to increase homeownership; to make homes functional, beautiful and affordable; and to help residents take charge of their neighborhoods. During the course of its 29-year history, NHS has fully renovated and sold nearly 300 houses to low- and moderate-income families. Through the New Haven HomeOwnership Center, NHS puts approximately 500 families a year on the path to homeownership through its homebuyer education classes. NHS is a chartered member of the national Neighbor

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  • 151 Starr St New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville

    This is to address the terrible job the LCI Dept is doing in maintaining one of their properties. (135-143 Starr St New Haven CT 06511) It is on a vacant lot and its overgrowth is becoming a ongoing problem. This is the second time i am addressing this problem. I gave photos on the 31st of July and it has gone nowhere. I have talked to workers hired by LCI on different occasions about this and they said that the would talk to their boss about it.

    It is a dangerous situation that makes people walk in the street to get around this pitiful situation. A Wheelchair Handicapped person has to get in the street and travel 300 + feet to avoid this. This is a really bad situation with a wheelchair in the street at night with already bad lighting and cars flying by . If someone gets injured because of the neglect of LCI in their maintanence of properties that they own this could get very very expensive.

    The obstruction is about 300 + feet from the closest driveway near Newhall St to the obstruction.

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  • Backyard junkyard Acknowledged
    115 Newhall New Haven, CT - Newhallville

    the backyard has been cluttered with junk for over a year. This is not my first complaint. It's unsightly as well as dangerous.

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  • 28 Hazel St. New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Newhallville

    There is a tree that is on a vacant, city owned lot directly next to my house. The limbs and branches all lean into the roof of my house, and I am afraid that it would cause extensive damage in the event of a bad storm. I had requested for this to be addressed, but to no avail.

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  • 566 Winchester Ave New Haven, CT - Newhallville

    How is it with a sub station 2 doors down from the Liquor Store, Customers can loiter and drink all day without being ticketed or at least told to keep moving? Although there's a City provided Trashbin Very few use it, just throw bottles and cans EVERYWHERE. THIS IS HOW BLIGHT BEGINS AND DESTROYS NEIGHBORHOODS.

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  • 568 Winchester Ave. New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Newhallville

    abandoned building, environmental degradation.
    Brenda W. Walker (slumlord)?

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  • 637 Winchester Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill

    There is a sewage grate that reeks of raw sewage in warm weather. Please investigate and resolve.

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  • Starr Street New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville

    There will be an Emergency Order No Parking ban on Tuesday, March 3rd on both sides of Starr Street going from New Hall street to Winchester Ave due to snow removal. This is a localized parking ban and is not citywide.

    Stay ahead of the storm and sign up for alerts from the City of New Haven:

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  • Street Lamp Archived
    24 Lilac Street New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville

    light is out - about 3 days now I've noticed it

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  • Trash is yard Archived
    564-590 Winchester Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Newhallville

    There is always trash and construction debris in the yard. The loose trash blows out into the street

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  • 141 Newhall Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Newhallville

    Please demolish vacant city owned house.

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  • 23 Hazel St New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill

    Tree limbs are growing over electrical wires. The limbs have grown so much that it is now touching the window of the second floor of my home

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  • 115 Newhall New Haven, CT - Newhallville

    This backyard abuts our property on Thompson St. You name it; it's scattered as litter in the backyard, including abandoned cars and motorcycles, tv, etc

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