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On Randolph Ave. crossing over 35E going East on hill!!!! We do not feel safe sitting in our front room at busy times of day OR night! I seen too many crashes going down hill and UP hill. Driving and parked.

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  • 326-400 East Prince Street Saint Paul, Minnesota - Downtown

    I just found out about the plan to pull traffic off the 52 bridge directly down Prince Street to the dead-end at Broadway and Prince/4th, the most heavily pedenstrianized area of Lowertown. No meeting was posted to discuss this, so residents were never given an opportunity to point out what an AWFUL IDEA this is! Please CHANGE THIS PLAN so that traffic from 52 will land in a safer, less destructive place. There is no need to destroy one of the only two gardens in Lowertown, or create a high risk traffic situation for residents and visitors.

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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    E Third St st Paul, Minnesota - Dayton's Bluff

    The whole street is in need.. both sides are due to damage your car..the worst I've seen in st Paul.. horrible for ppl heading in or out of downtown!!

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  • Hamline And Marshall St Paul, MN - Merriam Park

    The traffic on Hamline has increased substantially with the light rail and other construction. But it will probably not subside much after construction is done. Hamline gets terribly backed up when someone needs to make a left hand turn onto Marshall

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  • 1145 S Homer St Saint Paul, Minnesota - Highland

    The entire length of South Homer street from 7th Street to Shepard Road is covered in gigantic potholes. This street is a mess and has been in 3rd world condition for as long as I can remember. It is less than a mile long. Can we get some money in the city budget to re pave the entire street? Please? For 6 years my poor car has suffered.

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  • Douglas Park St. Paul, MN - West Side

    There is a fence with grapevines out of control. The vines are growing into the trees, suffocating all, growing on my house. Weeds are growing rampant. The vines are 20 feet tall, invading my house and garden. The fence is ancient and needs to be replaced. I am extremely fed up. I posted a complaint about this fence over a month ago, and still have not heard anything.

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  • Douglas Park Saint Paul, MN - West Side

    This fence is probably 50 years old. Calling it an eye sore is a compliment. The chain link is detached from the top rail by 1 foot in several places. There is a giant tree stump on our property, grown into fence. This is the city of St Paul's tree. The fence is rusty and has many sharp protruding metal pieces. I have insured myself on it several times and cringe every time a kid sticks there arm under it.
    It needs a retaining wall. All the trash and leaves blow into our yard because of the downward slope, and the huge gap between the ground and the chain link. There are chunks of asphalt that also have come loose from what looks to be some attemp from keeping the earth and the trash from relocating.
    This fence is not only ugly, but dangerous. Doulas park neighbors need a new fence.
    We have made several attempts with various city officials to no avail.
    Reported from my mobile device

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  • Potholes Acknowledged
    376 White Bear Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Battle Creek

    This area was resurfaced late in the fall of 2013. and a few times prior to that and already it's a disaster. The pavement has come up in chunks and has left huge holes both north and south bound on White Bear Ave. This whole road needs a major overhaul and as one who lives on the East Side, drives this road every day, I'd like to drive it without needing a chiropractor visit each time too. Please make plans to fix the entire road. It seriously needs it.

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  • Lexington Pkwy S St Paul, MN - Summit Hill

    There needs to be a left turn arrow at northbound Lexington Avenue at Grand Avenue. Traffic backs up for blocks during the rush hour and its dangerous for those turning.

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  • 2300 West Territorial Road Saint Paul, MN 55114, USA - Saint Anthony

    The address is where this building is located but it faces and is on Charles Avenue across from 2285 University Avenue West, which is the Carleton Artist Lofts. The issue is the speed of cars that go on Charles Avenue and use it to bypass traffic on University. When you exit the parking lot of the Carleton Artist Lofts onto Charles and turn right or left , there are cars parked on Charles that block oncoming cars . Numerous times I have gotten into near fatal car accidents since cars are going so fast, I will inch out to look bith ways, and they come barreling down the street. Please put in either a stop sign, a sign that shows how fast cars are going, change the parking so you can better view traffic, or reduce the speed limit before someone is killed.

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  • 176-190 7th Street West Saint Paul, MN 55102, USA - West 7th

    Cossettas causes traffic jam at chestnut & 7th with customers waiting to park and valet. Super frustrating to have right lane stopped with people waiting to turn north on chestnut and people waiting to turn south on chestnut without a turn lane or signal light

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  • 365-395 North Wacouta Street Saint Paul, MN 55101, USA - Downtown

    Expired newsracks illegally placed too close to a parking meter, blocking access to the bike rack on the west side of Wacouta between 6th and 5th. Please do something about this.

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  • 400 Summit Ave St Paul, MN 55102, USA - Downtown

    Horrible series of potholes west of the stop sign, especially deadly for cyclists--no way to avoid rolling through the craters without swerving into traffic.

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